The 4 Stages of Life


The four stages of life describe our focus, aim and role in life over a 100 year time span. They were outlined in ancient Indian texts.

Being able to verbalize the four stages and what they are about helps us become more conscious and choose our orientation, engagement, actions and attitude in a certain phase. In a way, knowing them gives us permission to be who we are and focus on what is present in the particular stage we find ourselves in.

The four stages are:

  1. Brahmacharya or student/bachelor
  2. Grihasta or householder
  3. Vanaprastha or forest dweller
  4. Sannyasa or renunciation

Each stage comes with a certain focus or aim.

What you get from tuning in:

  • An understanding the 4 stages of life and how it shapes your role
  • How the stages influence your actions, attitudes and orientation
  • Permission to be who you are in each phase
  • The transition from material focus to spiritual focus

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