Episode #10. How to find your purpose

Episode #10. How to find your purpose

Finding one’s life purpose, or dharma, ain’t easy especially if you don’t have a roadmap. Many people get stuck, frustrated or disoriented along the way, longingly wanting to arrive at their one God-given mission. Annie enlightens us that dharma is not static but instead dynamically changes and evolves as we shift, grow and change.

Should I take supplements? Yes or no?

The supplements ‘yes or no’ question is a seemingly innocent one.
And coincidentally clients seem to ask it always right at the end of a coaching session which entices me to give them the quick and simple answer of: Take X but not Y. That, however, is not empowering and certainly does not satisfy my desire to make you a well-educated activist for your own body …

More flexibility without effort

I ain’t joking. There is indeed such a thing as getting more flexibility without effort. It’s called Thai Massage. It is also referred to as lazy man’s yoga. You just lie there and let me do the work of stretching, moving and massaging you. When you get off the mat your hamstrings are longer, your back straighter, your hips looser and your shoulders more relaxed. …

Episode #9. The effect of digestion & stress on hormones

Episode #9. The effect of digestion & stress on hormones

Hormones are often at the forefront of women’s’ minds when observing their own health. It is almost like hormones are the bad guys that cause our bodies to be off. Winslow gives us a different perspective from the viewpoint of the gut. The central message: Hormones are not the generals in charge, they are the servants. Treat your digestion like a king and your hormones will be on par.

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