Episode #33. What is Health? No really, what is it? …part 3

Episode #33. What is Health? No really, what is it? …part 3

You consist of five layers. Yep that’s right, five not just one. You have, of course heard about the body-mind-spirit approach. But what does that mean exactly? It’s a bit of an aloof concept if you ask me. It sounds good, but without breaking it down to what is exactly is it holds little juice. I will get practical with you about how to feed each of those layers to create the You that is alive, vibrant and irresistibly beautiful.

Holistic cold & flu remedies

Even the healthiest of us break down sometimes. This year, I have gotten sick twice already and it is only February. In this video, my colleague Annie Barrett and I shoot the breeze on some super effective household remedies to get us through a cold or flu skillfully. You know, without the deep suffering.

From Resolution to Reality: part 2

In part 1 of “From Resolution to Reality” we talked about the difference between resolution, intention and goals. I also gave you a brief exercise on how to tap into your intention and create a short phrase reflecting your vision. Now you need to turn your intention into goals…

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