Here we revolutionize the way you think about your body. Stay tuned to courageously create the next you and step into your vibrant health evolution.

Ditch being a victim of the health care system and create the body of your dreams. You are in the right place if you want to be in the driver’s seat of your life, create your body with your body and actively design the next phase of your life. With your host Alexandra Epple who is turning badass by practicing martial arts with a yogic attitude

Episode #39: Getting unmarried: How to thrive as a woman after divorce

Divorce suck but life doesn’t have to. Using the language of “getting un-married” versus “getting divorced” is one way of signaling that you are ready to empower yourself as a woman. Daniella Bloom, psychotherapist and transformational coach, shares her journey through her own divorce, what feminine empowerment means to her and how to cultivate it.

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Episode #38: Superager. Optimize your vibrancy and longevity

Elise makes bold claims on the front flap of her book Superager. She says: You can look younger, have more energy, a better memory, and live a long and healthy life. First of all, what in the world is a superager? And how come she feels so confident about claiming that we can all be one? Elise is answering all those questions plus she shares inspiring stories of wise elders.

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Episode #37: Embracing your feminine, stepping into flow

Finding your feminine essence in a masculine world is not an easy feat. It’s a discovery, it’s a curiosity. As women, regardless of sexual orientation, we carry a watery nature, an essence, a juiciness and creativity that has been given to us by nature. Kristen so thoughtfully shares how she so willingly sets her PhD-achiever-self aside and embraces the softness and flow of the feminine.

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Episode #36. Cracking the anxiety code

18% of the US population suffers from generalized anxiety. That’s huge. Hand in hand with anxiety often comes depression. Yikes. Yoga and Ayurveda offer simple, low cost and no-side-effect tools. We share with you what worked for us.

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Episode #35. Healing Autoimmune Disease & Cancer, part 2

This is part 2 of my heartwarming and inspiring conversation with Sam Norman about her lifelong healing crisis with autoimmune disease and thyroid cancer. She has shifted from rock bottom to a place of peace, acceptance and deep inner healing. Tune in to find out how she did it.

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Episode #34. Healing Autoimmune Disease & Cancer, part 1

Since the first year of her life she has been in constant companionship of doctors.Severe digestive challenges at age 1, Hashimoto’s disease at age 13, thyroid cancer at 31. She has had 7 surgeries. Tune in to hear Sam’s heartwarming, and incredible story of healing.

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Episode #33. What is Health? No really, what is it? …part 3

You consist of five layers. Yep that’s right, five not just one. You have, of course heard about the body-mind-spirit approach. But what does that mean exactly? It’s a bit of an aloof concept if you ask me. It sounds good, but without breaking it down to what is exactly is it holds little juice. I will get practical with you about how to feed each of those layers to create the You that is alive, vibrant and irresistibly beautiful.

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Episode #32. Fearless Self Love: Mentoring your younger self

Loving oneself is not an easy task. Many of us have to cultivate it. Trauma, experiences and belief systems are in the way to truly tap into the heart felt warmth for ourselves that we may already feel for others. Andrea Catherine shares with us her trials and tribulations and the top three strategies that allowed her to embrace herself the way she is.

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