4 WORST self-care practices for summer according to Ayurveda


If you have not watched the 5 best practices for summer according to Ayurveda, watch it now.

What we do and don’t do during a particular season either drives us through the roof or balances us out.

Before studying Ayurveda, I had no clue that there was a science out there that went into such detail around seasonal eating and seasonal living.

Of course, we all intuitively know to some degree that going to the river or lake is a good idea in the summer. Think swimming, paddle boarding, sailing, surfing etc. We also know that doing jumping jacks in the midday summer heat ain’t such a good idea. But often it is just that notion we have and we can’t quite articulate why.

That’s where Ayurveda comes in. It gives us the language and the clear understanding of what works and doesn’t work in a particular season.


In my previous video What to eat in the summer I shared with you the best foods to eat when it’s hot out.

And in yet another vlog, I shared with you my 5 BEST practices based on Ayurveda for the hot summer months.

It is time for me to tell you WHAT TO AVOID!!


Most of my clients don’t know this and honestly, I didn’t either before studying Ayurveda. At least, not consciously. And as long as it is not conscious, it isn’t as useful. Awareness and the ability to express something changes EVERYTHING.

So, if you suffer from heat signs such as inflammation, chronic inflammatory conditions, loose stools, heartburn, hyper-acidity, anger, frustration, intensity, rosacea, psoriasis, dermatitis, arthritis, IBS, fibromyalgia … and on and on … this  is a MUST watch.



If you want the Summer Wisdom Sheet that I mention in the video, you can download it here. Put it on your fridge, read it frequently and most of all follow it!


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