4th of July Summer Party Recovery Strategies


I assume that you have a tendency to overdose on food and alcohol on the 4th of July or any summer party for that matter.

Maybe you tend to eat too many grilled hamburgers and spare ribs, maybe un-organic on top of it, enjoy a beer or two too many, and just can’t say no that Margarita.

After the party i.e. the next day you wonder if that was a good idea. You feel a bit overhung, maybe your head feels heavy and dull (headache!!!!) and your pants feel a bit too tight for your liking. And now you wished you had a quick way to recover your body.

I got good news!!!! In this video I’ll give you practical tips and recipes to get you right back on self-care track.



Here are the strategies and recipes in a nutshell:

1st off, if partying is a once in a while occurrence for you, you can file the overdosing under the 80/20 rule. The 80/20 rule states that as long as you do good for your body 80% of the time, you get to party the remaining 20%.

But even so, you want to have a skillful recovery strategy.


Skillful Recovery Strategies & Recipes

For the next 2-3 days be kind to your liver. Overeating and in particular over-consumption of alcohol is hard on this vital organ that has over 500 tasks to accomplish.

Eat light for the next  couple of days. Eat easy to digest foods. Vegetarian preferably. Add lots of greens.


  1. Breakfast: Start the morning after the party with a green juice or smoothie.

My favorite juice is a green lemonade with celery, apples, lemons, tons of greens and ginger. See recipes below. If you don’t have a juicer hit up your local juice place or make yourself a smoothie instead.

I like my smoothies with apples, cucumbers, greens, spinach, aloe vera juice, spirulina and nettles powder. Most of these ingredients are liver clearing and cooling. Just the right thing for the overtaxed liver.


  1. Lunch: For lunch, keep it simple and vegetarian. A dish with rice and sauteed veggies is easy to digest. Or even better, make yourself a dish called Kitchari which is a combo of mung beans and rice. Mung beans act cleansing on the liver. Again, see recipes below.

Drink plenty of water between meals but do not snack to give your digestive system a break.


  1. Dinner: For dinner,  either repeat the green juice or smoothie or have another round of Kitchari.

In that way, your recovery is much faster and more smooth.


If you are gang ho about having these recipes handy for your next summer party extravaganza download the summer party recovery recipes here. Put them in a lovely binder. You’ll need that because I have tons of these great wisdom sheets and recipes. Start collecting!


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