5 best practices for summer according to Ayurveda

That fact is, each season requires you to eat differently, exercise differently, meditate differently and focus differently if you want to keep your body, mind and emotions in top shape aka balanced.

Years ago, when I moved from one of the coldest places in the country, Jackson Hole, WY, to one of the hotter ones, Northern CA, I  had to get really skillfully, really fast if I wanted to survive the blazing summer heat.

The first spring in California was agonizing for me, to say the least. I remember it clearly. It was April/May 2008. I was hopping from one air-conditioned room to another, whenever possible. The only problem was that the house I was living in was old, no insulation, no air-conditioning. I was floored. Literally!  Do not talk to me between 12 pm and 4 pm. All I could do was lie flat.

At that time, I had just learnt about the six tastes of Ayurveda and I thought, I might as well apply that wisdom. I had learnt that the bitter taste is the coldest taste of all. So I made myself a soup with mainly dandelion greens (very bitter), paired with swiss chard and kale and one small potato to make it creamy. I added some summer appropriate spices. The soup was bitter, and I mean VERY bitter! It did the trick. It dropped my internal temperature gauge significantly.

For more on what to eat in summer, check out the What to Eat in Summer vlog.

What tasted good to me didn’t taste good to my friends. They tried that soup, only to spit it out as soon as it touched their taste buds. What was right for me, wasn’t right for them. So, I do NOT recommend you follow that recipe (unless you are a toughly like me).

But what I do recommend is following these 5 BEST PRACTICES from Ayurveda to drop your summer heat skillfully. They are much more pleasant and doable than my dandelion soup approach.

If you want the Summer Wisdom Sheet that I mention the video, you can download it here. Put it on your fridge, read it frequently and most of all follow it!

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