Embracing your feminine, stepping into flow

Finding your feminine essence in a masculine world is not an easy feat. It’s a discovery, it’s a curiosity.

As women, regardless of sexual orientation, we carry a watery nature, an essence, a juiciness and creativity that has been given to us by nature. We can create and birth a human being. Menstruation is one way the body expresses that power.

Amenorrhea, or the absence of menses, during a time in our lives when we are expected to have it aka when we are not postmenopausal, is a sign of imbalance. A sign, that points toward something undiscovered.

Kristen so thoughtfully shares how she is peeling away the layers to find her feminine essence; how she willingly sets her PhD-achiever-self aside and embraces the softness and flow of the feminine.

Your feminine essence is already within you. Find it. Be it. 

What you get from tuning in:

  • What living in your feminine feels like
  • How to tap into your watery, unctuous, feminine nature
  • Why menstruating is divine and important even if you don’t want to have children
  • Practices to step into your feminine essence
  • The “Art of Pause Meditation” by Maya Tiwari
Stop deciding how to move your body. Instead ask your body “how do you want to be moved”?

Book & Favorite Quotes:

  • Women’s Power to Heal by Maya Tiwari
  • “There is something unique about being a female regardless of sexual orientation”
  • “I realized that the call is not some hormone test to signify I am a woman, or having a period to be a woman but to engage in the life that has been given to me fully”
  • “The feminine is not about competition but about sharing and collaboration”
  • “My process has gotten me from separation, denial and discipline to an embodied experience of curiosity”


Kristen’s top practices to cultivate her feminine essence:

  • Qui Gong for a greater connection to how energy moves
  • Uttara Vasti to invite her menses back
  • The art of pausing (an evening practice around karma)


Kristen Polzien has a PhD in exercise physiology and 20+ years experience in developing and coaching programs to uncover the why, how and what of health behavior change. She is also a yoga health coach, yoga instructor and Qi Gong Teacher Trainee.

She believes that everyone can enjoy Vibrant Wellbeing and that self-care is at the heart of it.  Inspired by her grandmother who taught blind children to navigate a world without sight, Kristen will illuminate a path for you to S.E.E. what is around you in every moment and live a more Sensational, Engaged, Expressive life. www.seeyourwellbeing.com

Kristen Polzien

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