July 4th, Ayurveda and Freedom

As July 4th draws near I keep thinking of the concept of freedom. Naturally, right? After all, July 4th is all about freedom. Freedom from the rule of the British Empire specifically coupled with a deep appreciation for our founding fathers for their wisdom and clarity.
But, being a Yogi and Ayurvedi, my contemplation turns inward and goes deeper than that. With all the freedom I have outwardly, I ask myself, how free am I inside?

4th of July Summer Party Recovery Strategies

I assume that you have a tendency to overdose on food and alcohol on the 4th of July or any summer party for that matter. Maybe you tend to eat too many grilled hamburgers and spare ribs, maybe un-organic on top of it, enjoy a beer or two too many, and just can’t say no that Margarita. I got good news!!!! In this video I’ll give you practical tips and recipes to get you right back on self-care track.

Episode #33. What is Health? No really, what is it? …part 3

Episode #33. What is Health? No really, what is it? …part 3

You consist of five layers. Yep that’s right, five not just one. You have, of course heard about the body-mind-spirit approach. But what does that mean exactly? It’s a bit of an aloof concept if you ask me. It sounds good, but without breaking it down to what is exactly is it holds little juice. I will get practical with you about how to feed each of those layers to create the You that is alive, vibrant and irresistibly beautiful.

Episode #32. Fearless Self Love: Mentoring your younger self

Episode #32. Fearless Self Love: Mentoring your younger self

Loving oneself is not an easy task. Many of us have to cultivate it. Trauma, experiences and belief systems are in the way to truly tap into the heart felt warmth for ourselves that we may already feel for others. Andrea Catherine shares with us her trials and tribulations and the top three strategies that allowed her to embrace herself the way she is.

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