Bathroom Cabinet: treasure chest for achy muscles & stiff joints

The Bathroom is central station for grooming, vanity and healing. It is also a place to relief ourselves physically – think poop and urine – and calm down emotionally – think taking a long, calming bath, oiling yourself or freshening up after a long, exhausting day. The bathroom is also a place to keep your body well oiled and joints moving smoothly.

Growing old is a choice. An achy body is too. While linear age is unalterable, biological age is not. If we stock our bathroom with the right items, we support our body to stay young, vibrant and more alive for longer. Reaching for a high cabinet in the kitchen, walking upstairs or going for a long hike will no longer be an issue. You can find tons of inexpensive items to keep our joints well lubricated, your lymph moving and your circulation flowing, right over your sink.

Sarah and I talk about various practices that are easily done at home to relieve aches and pains.  Most of all we talk about Ayurvedic self massage, a simple yet immensely profound tool.

From an Ayurvedic perspective, the first rule of thumb is….whatever you put on your skin should also be eatable.

What You get from tuning in:

  • Why products you put on our skin is of such importance to your health
  • How to simplify your bathroom and keep only those items that feed your body and soul
  • How to treat yourself like a goddess in the bathroom
  • How to do Ayurvedic Self massage and what oils are best for joints and muscles
  • A visualization of your current bathroom set up and feel. Is it supporting you?
  • The components of a nourishing morning routine to relieve achy joints
Oil is to the body what water is to the plant
Dr. Vasant Lad, Ayurvedic Doctor
Resources mentioned:
  • database to make smarter skin care choices
  • Grateful Body: an all natural skin care company
  • Mahanarayan Oil:  an ancient Ayurvedic formula to relieve achy muscles and joints


Sarah O’Neil is a wellness educator, Yoga Health Coach, and advocate for bringing mindfulness programs into schools. She teaches Kindergarten-Fifth Grade students and teachers to be in the present moment with kindness. Her experience in the healing arts, herbalism, special education, yoga, managing her own restaurant, and mothering her daughter, she has gained the tools necessary to facilitate change for women and their families.

Over the past seventeen years of managing and owning a restaurant, she has experienced overwhelming stress, anxiety and depression. She has spent years turning to quick fixes instead of seeking out long term solutions. Now Sarah is living proof that you can get back into the driver’s seat of your life, improve your health, and unlock the best parts within you. She supports women in creating space in their lives to thrive and  back it up with daily actions to achieve measurable results, just like she did for herself.


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