A deeply transformative journey into your body and heart.

Refine your daily habits.

Dial in your rhythm & routines.

Make your daily life a ritual. 

Mentally check all that apply

Check-symbol-AE I feel unpleasant in my body

Check-symbol-AE I want to take better care of myself… I want to be more vibrant

Check-symbol-AE I don’t sleep as well as I’d like

Check-symbol-AE I feel too heavy… I feel too light

Check-symbol-AE I have a pretty good diet but I know there is more to know. I am curious

Check-symbol-AE I struggle with unhealthy cravings and don’t know what to do about it

Check-symbol-AE I am too busy, too responsible for making myself a priority

You are here because you are READY for the NEXT DIMENSION in your life

You are in the right place if…

Check-symbol-AE You want to feel more energized, more peaceful, more grounded

Check-symbol-AE You want to understand your constitution

Check-symbol-AE You want to align to the rhythms of nature

Check-symbol-AE You are looking for a down to earth, easy to understand approach to nutrition and lifestyle

Check-symbol-AE You are tired of calorie counting & vitamin hunting…there must be an easier way

Check-symbol-AE You want to grow your capacity for deeper joy in your body

Why do you need me and this course?
Can’t you do it on your own?

You surely could, but you will need the willpower and education to pull it through.

I am an independent woman. At the age of 21, I lived in Jakarta, Indonesia by myself, I did a solo. 2 months bike tour through South East Asia and studied Yoga in India as an only Westerner for half a year. I value independence and the ability to do things on my own. Those times were amazing…..but they were very certainly not easy.

Changing your habits is hard. Engaging in transformational practices is even harder. And on top of it becomes 10 x harder if you are doing it by yourself. When I found myself alone in India studying yoga therapy, without another westerner in sight, I often found myself in agony. I didn’t get what was happening to my body and mind. I had no-one to reflect with, “complain” to, get guidance on how to skillfully navigate the changes. How to firm up my practice. It was great, but it was hard.

Since then, I have found myself in various groups and communities that foster transformation and growth. Instead of being a lonesome stick that can break easily, I found myself as part of a bundle of sticks. A bundle of sticks is strong.

Transformation alone = hard

Transformation in a group = easier and more fun

We start in ....









Check-symbol-AE 10 inspiring lessons based on Ayurveda to foster learning around the 10 fundamental habits you need to have in place to live a vibrant and fulfilled life

Check-symbol-AE 10 weekly live group coaching calls to answer questions, troubleshoot and support you on your journey

Check-symbol-AE Access to Yoga Health Coach online resources with  Ayurvedic Recipe Book, Master Habits Guide and The habit changing e-book

Check-symbol-AE Bonus materials including relevant articles, yoga classes, and meditation practices to support your learning

Check-symbol-AE Private Facebook forum so you can get support at any time

Check-symbol-AE Weekly emails from Alexandra to stay focused and inspired


Check-symbol-AE An amazing 2-day retreat in Nevada City, CA with Alexandra and the women in your group

We are a good fit if
you love to learn, grow and evolve


I have the priviledge to have Alexandra has an ayurvedic welness coach. She is amazing, knowledgeable and great teacher. She listens deeply and authentically, responds to the best of her knowledge with deep care. With her there is no doubt in my mind and heart, you are in for an authentic, beautiful, happy journey inside yourself accompanied by a wonderful and caring guide. Namaste.

Kym Lalima Brennan
Kym Lalima Brennan
Quebec, Montreal

I was so uncertain of the vastness of menopause and its permanent and mysterious effects that I had built up a story about what it signified and it was not a positive one. I resented letting go of my old, young self.
Alexandra’s class was so in-depth, so educational, so relieving and warm, with so many resources, I found myself taking a short cut from resentment to a Superhighway of lightness! Without her class, I may still be bewildered, but now I feel powerful and wise and ready to pass on information and wellness to my next generation. It is very reassuring to know that it isn’t only about changing, but about discovering, as well. Alexandra’s classes were abundant and joyful and dedicated to a sisterhood of wellness. A shmorgasborg of Good!

Valerie Hiestand Stuart
Valerie Hiestand Stuart
Grass Valley, CA

Before I started this program I was struggling with menopausal symptoms and had tried many alternative remedies and herbs. Now I feel I have regained some emotional strength and confidence. I am looking forward to continuing with implementing new ideas and healthier lifestyle choices.
I really appreciated Alexandra’s availability and her positive, outgoing, sensitive and attentive presence. All this and her wealth of knowledge combined with competent organizational skills made this course incredibly valuable! Thank you. Alex !!!

Renate Harbour

Before I met Alexandra, I was anxious and unsure about the changes I was experiencing with menopause and the aging process. I was looking for ways to handle my new reality without having to resort to hormones or prescription medications.
Through our work together I learned that I already had quite a few good habits in place, I just needed to build on those and learn how to bring more balance into my life.
As a result of working with Alexandra, I can now handle this next phase of my life with less stress, more balance and greater confidence in myself….and all that without the use of hormones or medication. My husband even remarked at how much more calm I have become. Working with Alexandra has helped me in so many ways. It was truly a life changing experience that I wholeheartedly recommend, no matter what stage of life you are in.

Yvette Capella
Nevada City, CA

I have suffered from chronic pain caused by Fibromyalgia, depression & anxiety for more than 30 years. Before coming to see Alexandra I had found it increasingly difficult to manage daily living. Exhaustion, pain and anxiety had a tight hold on me and enjoying life was difficult.
Through discussions, articles, resources, and learning meditation with Alexandra I was able to see that adopting a higher regard for my health and wellness would only contribute to my happiness and well-being.
Even though I still live with these disorders, I have found lower pain levels, peace of mind, and an uplifting feeling and attitude towards life that I haven’t felt in years!

Colleen Vigil
Colleen Vigil
Grass Valley, CA

Through Alexandra's 10-week Body Joy class, we've been led to embrace a variety of healthy new practices - some simple, some radical, some old, some modern - all valuable and powerful.
I learn to appreciate and respect that I am in a lifelong relationship with my body! How cool to have gained more insights to understand what's going on and tools for changing what's going on!
Alexandra Epple is a passionate practitioner, a friendly and dedicated teacher and a pushy, generous and compassionate trainer.
Thanks, Alexandra!

Jen Scott

What we will do together

We will uplevel 10 basic habits, the ones you need to have in place in order to thrive in your body (…mind and spirit too of course). Seriously, it’s time for an upgrade. There is one week per habit. Some habits you’ll know of but likely aren’t doing wholeheartedly. Other ones will be new.

You will also learn about automating habits so you can implement them long term. We will look to  habit science for that. You’ll get the lowdown on why and how. It’s fun!

Here we go. These are the golden 10 we will focus on:

Habit 1: Earlier, Lighter Dinners

Earlier, lighter dinnerThis is the trigger habit to set all other habits in motion. You’ll get clear on what earlier and lighter means, what food is ideal and which one isn’t. You’ll also get recipes and coaching around how to navigate obstacles, like schedule conflicts, endless to do lists, partners’ and kids’ needs.

Habit 2: Early to bed & evening rituals

Early to bedWe all know we need to go to bed earlier. But then you don’t, because you have too much to do, you want to watch a favorite show on TV or because it’s your only quiet time. Or maybe you simply can’t sleep. Here you’ll get the in’s and outs of how to get a good night’s rest and of course the coaching to put it in place.

Habit 3: Morning rituals

There is a method to what you do in the morning, a sequence of events if you will, and it doesn’t just include brushing your teeth. You will get super clear about what it takes to kick grogginess in the butt and set up your day in a way that gives you tons of energy and positive thoughts

Habit 4: Breath Body Practices

Breathe body practiceTime to move and breathe. It’s a crucial piece of self care. Again, you probably know the basics. The question is are you doing it? And the right amount? The right kind? At the right time? We’ll get clear right here.

Habit 5: Plant based diet

We are not vegans or vegetarians around here (I am from Bavaria after all) but we do have a snag for veggies. For tons of reasons. Mostly because they have loads of prana and make us feel alive. Heck, I want that.

Habit 6: Self massage

Touch is a crucial piece to a healthy body and mind. If I only had one habit to teach you, I’d choose this one. Giving yourself the daily gift of touch is magical. It balances your hormones, your nervous system, builds your immune system…and so much more.


Habit 7: Meditate

Yep, good ol’ meditation. Sit and feel. You probably have heard how great it is for blood pressure, stress, heart health, sanity and all that. Well, it’s time to get inspired and actually do it. It’s simple and easy. Trust me. You can do it.

Habit 8: Eat Right

Many people have caught on to the idea that organic, non-processed and local food is a good idea. What you eat is important but, you know what, HOW you eat is even more important. Are you snacking constantly? Eating your biggest meal at dinner? Skipping meals? Eating while driving or doing other stuff? Not good folks, not good. Time to raise the bar.

Habit 9: Nourish your Senses

That’s the icing on the cake. After implementing all the other habits this is the one that will cleanse the doorway of your perception. You probably got the tooth brushing down, but then there is the ears, eyes, skin, and nose. What do you do for those? We need them big time as we get older…and the old news is, we all are getting older.

Habit 10: Easeful Living

Ease versus stress. Doesn’t that sound good? This is my favorite habit and makes such a big difference. Imagine what life would look like if you had easeful thoughts all day long, were able to just take every day, every moment as it is. It’s possible. For real. Like one of my yoga teachers said: Stressors will never go away, but distress will.

Now you might think to yourself, great. Now that I know the 10 habits I’ll just do them. Wait, and think again. As human being we are creatures of habit. Without guidance, education and support we slip right back into old patterns. Gremlins will show up, doubts and objections will arise. And then in the end, you think, it is not all that important. Hang on, it is!!!! Habits form our reality.


Truly, give yourself the gift of at least taking the next step. Explore what it might look like to upgrade your daily routines. It will make a huge impact on your health and your experience of life.


Check-symbol-AE You will get guidance and coaching to make the journey easy and fun. Having someone in your court who has  walked the path makes it that much easier to figure out and implement those things that get you the best results.
Check-symbol-AE When I was growing up my family did many things right in terms of habits (they were Ayurvedic and I didn’t even know it). And since I didn’t understand logically why we did what we did, they didn’t stick. I lost the habits, only to re-find them when I studied Ayurveda. Education helps you to consciously choose what you want.
Check-symbol-AE A group of women is going through this program together. Together we are strong and get the accountability we need to make the shifts we need to make. And together we have more fun.

I walk you step by step through the process.


It’s easy – it’s fun – it’s uplifting


Lynette Gutnik

Alexandra has the ability to deeply listen and connect to the body. Now I know why she calls her program Body Joy. Through her vast knowledge and education, individual and group coaching, and wonderful weekend retreat, I personally transformed my body and life.Really.

Alexandra walked me through a series of small steps which yielded big results and provided guidance and support along the way. I highly recommend her Body Joy program and I am forever grateful for her excellence work.

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Invest in your future & your future body.


Like Warren Buffett, the greatest investor of the 21st century, says:

“Invest in yourself as much as you can. You are your own biggest asset by far.

You only get one mind and one body, and it’s gotta last a lifetime”.

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