The Exorbitant Price you Pay for Gas.

gas price
Nope, I am not talking about the gas you put in your car’s gas tank. I am talking about the gas that comes out your rear end. For some people it happens a lot, for some nice and quiet, others embarrass themselves with deadly smells…. whatever it is for you, gas is not…

What can a Health Coach Do for You?

What can a Health Coach Do for You?

Article in The Union Newspaper Nevada City, CA February 3, 2015 As a health coach and therapist, Alexandra Epple supports mature women to create a badass connection to their bodies, transition through menopause gracefully and live their lives with ease and joy. Using…

How many wipes are right?

How many wipes are right?

how many wipes are right
I know, I know it might be grossing you out, BUT… Someone’s gotta bring up the embarrassing wipes subject. Proper elimination is important … Very important for your health. In fact, in Ayurveda proper elimination (and digestion for that matter) is considered the root …

#1 Key to a Better Diet and More Energy.

no.1 key
When I first arrived in America about 16 years ago, I was awestruck by the size of the local supermarket, I think it was a Safeway. Or Albertson’s? Or was it a Smith’s? Being from Germany I was used to shops that measured the size of the cereal aisle in an American…

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