Episode 3. How to have more time

Do you find yourself trapped on the hamster wheel of busy living? Do you constantly do stuff but don’t truly grow or progress in life? Do you sacrifice taking care of yourself in favor of other seemingly more important tasks? Sound familiar? Well, rest assured you are not alone.

One of the biggest obstacles people face when it comes to productivity, focus, self-care and happiness is, you guessed it, lack of time. A never ending to do list hangs doomfully over your shoulder, urgent tasks need to be attended to and little to no time is left for things that bring you joy. Getting things done that you want to get done can be a big challenge.

The argument goes something like this:

  • I know I need to take better care of myself but I just don’t have the time.
  • Or ….I want to exercise (or play or relax) but I don’t know when to do it.
  • Or….. I would love to go to that play, but I am too busy, I just can’t fit it in.

I have children to take care of, a husband or elderly parent to attend to, a household to run, oh and by the way, I work too. Or maybe you are single and beat yourself up because it seems you should have enough time but you don’t.

In this episode, Dana Skoglund and I chat about how to create and have the time you want to have for the things that matter most to you. And that is without having to fight with a never-ending to-do list or sacrificing your health. Dana is masterful at juggling multiple tasks, like a superwoman but without burning out. She will help you understand how to take charge of your time and be more productive. You will not only gain valuable insight into the nature of time but also pick up practical tips on how to work with time and create more of it. Literally.

What you get from tuning in

  • The pebble analogy: what tasks to do first in order to fit in as much as you can into any given day
  • How to expand and contract time using the Parkinson’s Law
  • How to schedule your tasks with the daily rhythm to get more done
  • The importance of values and goals for productivity and self-care
  • The oxymoron of self-care and having more time

5 productivity tips to create the time you want to have, for the things that matter most. You can also download them here.


Dana Skoglund is masterful at juggling being the Mom of two rambunctious children at the age 5 and 8, wife to her husband, yoga teacher and wellness entrepreneur. Dana has been a yoga teacher since 2006 and health coach since 2013. She aims to inspire others to adopt healthy habits so they can craft the life they truly want to live. She supports overwhelmed, stressed-out women take charge of their lives to find more balance and ease. She is deeply passionate about travel, adventure, learning, the arts and movement of any kind.


Dana Skoglund

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