Change your life by changing the way you think

Whatever you think and feel has a vibration.

Whatever vibration you carry is what you attract.

You are probably familiar with the ‘law of attraction’: a law states that “like attracts like” which means whatever you think you attract.

This is not wowoo or esoteric. Thoughts are simply energetic patterns that can manifest into reality. In other words our reality is manifested thoughts, our reality is thoughts densified.

Taking that as our premise Kelly Mishell and I shoot shine light on how to work with thoughts and emotions to create the life you want and desire.

What you get from tuning in:

  • How to create what you want using your mind
  • Tools to change thoughts and emotions to create a better life
  • The Shri exercise to create beauty and positivity in your life
  • Why simply making a choice is powerful in itself.
  • The trigger and perk up list …and why you want to have one
  • “The Wouldn’t it be  nice if…..”exercise

Thoughts give rise to words

words give rise to actions

repeated actions become habits

habits create your reality


Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, inspirational speaker and best-selling author, Kelly Mishell, empowers heart-centered women to break free of self-limitation, rediscover their inner spark of greatness and create the joyful lives they desire and deserve.

Kelly knows first-hand what it’s like to transform fear and self-doubt into a joyful, fulfilling life. Through her coaching, programs, and writing, Kelly inspires other women to believe in the power within and that all things are possible when you embrace your truth.

She is a frequent contributor to Aspire Magazine and a contributing author to the international bestseller, “SHINE! Stories to Inspire You to Dream Big, Fear Less and Blaze Your Own Trail”.

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Kelly Mishell

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