your food, your mindset, your reality

Food is about more than just taste. Food is nourishment for the five layers of our being. It impacts not only your physical body, but our minds, emotions and spirit as well. Many factors play a role: the prana or lifeforce in the food, the quality of the soil, the attitude of the cook and the mindset with which we eat our food.

Shifting  your attention away from solely tasting food to asking yourself  “how does my body want to be nourished today” and “how does earth intent to nourish me today” provides for a completely different approach and culinary experience.

Food can either facilitate connection or it can hinder it. Food can make us feel deeply connected, nourished and loved. It can either make us feel alive or dead. As Dr. Seuss said: “If we eat dead food, we feel deadened”. I add: “If we eat alive food, we feel alivened”.

Alec and I rap around the idea of food facilitating an experience of life. And who better to talk to than Alec, who is not only a culinary artist but also a yogi who is tapped into the subtler realms of existence.

What you get from tuning in:

  • How to choose food for it’s resonance rather than solely for its taste
  • How to satisfy cravings
  • The 5 sheaths of our existence and how we can feed them
  • How the attitude and attention of the cook impacts your food and body
  • How mindset about eating food impacts your level of nourishment
  • 3 simple practices to make food more wholesome
When IM-balanced, we crave what keeps us OUT of balance.
When  IN balance, we crave what keeps us IN balance.
What do you need to feel nourished?


Alec Hurley is a yoga teacher, yoga health coach, avid surfer and culinary artist. He is an avid practitioner of ancient wisdom and spiritual practices which he infuses into his public yoga classes and group program The Art of Connection. He is professionally trained as a Chef and incorporates the ancient wisdom of “food as medicine” into his culinary creations.

Currently enrolled in the Yoga Health Coaching program, Alec is adding the practices of personal and planetary alignment into his modern healthy lifestyle toolkit to help shift the collective into deeper states of connection. The center of his personal mission is to create a fulfilling and enjoyable life and teach others the same.

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