What happens to food in your body?

The message of the mainstream media has sunk is Diet is important to our health. It can make us fat or skinny. It can bring radiant health or cause heart disease (or cancer, or dementia, or xyz). It can make us energetic or lethargic.

Diet is important at some level. But have you ever stopped and deeply thought about the question what actually happens to food in your body and why diet is such a key component? Here is my answer to that question.

Let’s start with an equation.
Food= Cells

Probably you have heard the popular phrase “You are what you eat” and that is so true. Literally. Let’s make it visual for ourselves.


Imagine you eat an organic apple. You take the apple, put it in the mouth and chew it. The apple mixes with saliva to start the breakdown process. Is the apple part of the body yet? No, you can still spit it out.

After you swallow, it goes through the trachea into the stomach. The apple is churned around some more, mixes with digestive enzymes and acids to make it mushy. Is it part of the body yet? Not necessarily. We can still puke it out.

The stomach mass, now called chyle, moves forward into the small intestine and mixes with bile from the gallbladder and is further processed. Still, the apple is not truly part of your body yet.

In the small intestine, most of the food gets absorbed into your bloodstream. Once the apple gets absorbed, the blood transports the organic apple to all the different cells. Muscle cells, fat cells, nerves cells, organ cells, skin cells… you name it. That organic apple has become part of you.

Take a moment and look at your body. Everything you see (and don’t see on the outside) has been formed by the food you eat and the water you drink. Your skin, your hair, your nails, your blood, your organs, your bones… everything. In short:

Apple= Food= Your cells

Hopefully, you have eaten mostly organic apples. Why? Well, imagine these scenarios:

What would your body look like if you had mostly eaten steroid and hormone fed meat? That is who you’d become.
What if you have eating mostly veggies grown with pesticides and herbicides. That is who you’d become.
What if you just ate raw food or just McDonalds? That’s who you’d become.
Whatever you feed your house called the body is what it becomes.

Equation goes:

Food= Cells

Many cells= Your body

You might know this, but I dare say you can probably step it up a notch. I know I can. Presenting myself to the reality of what happens to food in my body makes me revisit the question over and over:

Can I feed myself better?

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