How to heal childhood trauma without drugs

The Healing is the personal story of Saeeda Hafiz and a true page-turner.

Saeeda is an African American woman who grew up in impoverished conditions and an abusive family. Her idea out of misery was to uplevel herself into the middle class.

While having been successful career wise in most people’s perception, she yearned for more. A cooking class opened her eyes to more than just the normal sense of success. She started exploring natural healing methods, in particular food as medicine and yoga as a pathway to more happiness.

Saeeda discovered that being truly happy is not only about having more money and a better career but that releasing undigested thoughts, feelings and traumas from the past are a crucial component to being joyful at the core. Yoga and her food choices led the way.

What you get from tuning in:

  • The real life story of how Saeeda transformed her life from trauma to happiness
  • Inspiration on how food is a powerful medicine to shift you out of trauma
  • Sugar – the ally that keeps you stuck
  • Yoga as the pathway to shifting out of unhealthy relationship patterns
  • 3 top qualities for transforming bad experiences into acceptance
  • The gem of the present moment

Purchase the book The Healing on Amazon here. It’s a great read.


Saeeda Hafiz has been experiencing the power of her yoga practice and the benefits of eating a whole foods diet since 1990. Her initial encounter with this holistic lifestyle led to a personal transformation that ultimately led her to become a certified yoga instructor and holistic nutrition educator for more than 25 years. Because of this powerful transformation, Saeeda realizes that life is too important to take seriously.

SAEEDA HAFIZ is a yoga teacher, author, and wellness expert with certifications from the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers, the Natural Gourmet Institute. She is also graduate of Temple University. As a holistic health educator with the San Francisco Unified School District, she focuses on sharing her knowledge of physical and mental wellness with diverse groups. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

She has appeared on various podcast, radio, and television programs and has been featured in several national and regional publications. Her public speaking engagements have educated the public in yoga, holistic nutrition, and healthy living from coast to coast.

Saeeda Hafiz

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