Healing Autoimmune Disease & Cancer, part 2

If you have not listened to part 1 of Healing Autoimmune Disease & Cancer yet, do it now. Then hop back here.  

This is part 2 or my heartwarming and inspiring conversation with Sam Norman about her lifelong healing crisis with autoimmune disease and thyroid cancer. She has shifted from rock bottom to a place of peace, acceptance and deep inner healing.

At the expense of repeating myself, here is what Sam’s journey is about:

When you look at Sam Norman today you would never guess that she has endured over 30 years of chronic health crisis.

Since the first year of her life, she has been in constant companionship of doctors. At age 1, she was diagnosed with severe digestive challenges. Hashimoto’s disease was diagnosed at age 13, a vascular autoimmune diagnosis came at age 27, thyroid cancer at 31. She has had seven surgeries throughout her life including a brain surgery at age 9. She was convinced several  times that she was going to die.

Her case was so interesting, the doctors asked her to be a “case study”. She agreed but started feeling like a number.

Growing up in a loving family of medical practitioners, with  her parents being an MD and a nurse, her treatment plan included all but Western medical protocols until the age of 21. Western medicine saved her life yet she was far from being healed.

When she got the cancer diagnosis at age 31 she hit rock bottom. And the only place to go when you sink that low is to rise up. Cancer led her to seek out other avenues for support, other healing methods, a different viewpoint. What she yearned for was to been seen, to be asked “How is Sam?”

Tune in to hear Sam’s heartwarming, and incredible story of healing.

If Sam can heal, so can you!

What you get from tuning in:

  • How a Western Doctor healed his severely mentally diseased patients with a traditional Hawaiian practice
  • Aligning with life vs disease
  • The difference between treating a disease vs. healing it
  • How to know you have been healed
  • The power of following your deep inner guidance vs the order of your doctor
  • The mental record of “you could do better’ and the role of self love
  • The vibratory levels of emotions
  • The necessity of embracing your emotions

Sam’s top 5 qualities you need to heal yourself:

  1. Believing that you have the right to feel well
  2. Believing that you know what is right
  3. A willingness to listen deeply to yourself to find out what is lacking and what is in excess
  4. A willingness to receive help and get support
  5. An openness to allow healing in

Memes, quotes and sayings:

  • The full spectrum of emotions exists in all of us
  • As long as disease was part of my identity, I was not able to heal
  • When I shifted my identity away from “I am this disease” I started to heal
  • Healing for me involves showing up for myself every morning


Sam was effected with asthma, allergies, and weak digestion from a very early age. This lead to exposure to frequent antibiotics and steroids. By age 13 she had developed auto immune dysfunction in the form of Hashimoto’s thyroid disease. By 27 a vascular auto immune disease manifested. By 31 cancer.

Sam was raised by two western healers (an MD and a nurse) and had herself been trained as a western RN. When the cancer diagnosis arrived she decided to look into alternative modes of healing.

She trained as an Ayurvedic Health Counselor and is now seven years cancer free and five years of total remission of her vascular symptoms. As an Ayurvedic Health counselor and Yoga Health coach she guides groups of people on the own healing journeys with the intention of helping everyone know that the have the power to become their own healer.

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