How to Heal Breast Cancer Naturally

Tara has chosen a path to heal breast cancer that is completely outside of mainstream norm. She said ‘No’ to chemotherapy, ‘No’ to radiation and instead chose the natural healing route with diet, herbs and many other natural healing protocols. A path that in my opinion requires tremendous courage, trust and clarity given the approach of mainstream society.

In this podcast, she shares with us the ups and downs of her healing journey, what she does on a daily basis, how she copes and how she is healing.

What You get from tuning in:

  • What made Tara choose an alternative treatment approach to her breast cancer
  • How she mastered facing opposition with her choices
  • What a natural breast cancer protocol may look like
  • The importance of the immune system when healing from cancer
  • What needs to be in place to allow a person to have the strength, courage and clarity to walk the natural healing route
  • The importance of faith and surrender in the healing process
  • The emotional roller coaster when faced with a terminal illness and how to navigate them skillfully
“Don’t let your diagnosis become your identity because when you do, your thoughts, words and actions will align with that identity. Instead focus on the who you are beyond your illness and you are already healed.”
Books mentioned:

Heal Breast cancer naturally, Véronique Desaulniers


Tara Coyote was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer in September 2016. She is taking her health into her own hands & healing with her own unique natural path.

She is also a Eponaquest™ equine facilitated learning  and Power of the Herd™ instructor developed through Linda Kohanov. Tara weaves together 25 years of somatic experience with her love of horses and  specializes in the human/horse bond for healing grief, loss, difficult life transitions and facilitating help for caretakers through offering grief rituals and private sessions. Horses have a powerful manner to guide us down the pathway of self-attunement and awareness. While in challenging situations, horses can help us find the true balance needed to bring balance into our lives. She has also trained in extensive shadow work, leading women’s groups through embracing and learning to love their shadow.  and

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Tara Coyote

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