Holistic cold and flu remedies

I pride myself of never getting sick.

Thinking back to my middle and high school years I remember only missing one day of school. That is one day total. I have a strong constitution (thank goodness) and a strong immune system (knock on wood).

Over the last 25 years of my adult existence, I have typically gotten sick once a year with some kind of stuffy nose. An MD once told me, that this is a good thing. It gives your immune system a chance to show off, he said. “See, girl friend, I told you. I am still working strong”.

And then even the healthiest of us break down sometimes. This year, I have gotten sick twice already and it is only February. Once because my housemates were sniffling relentlessly, suffering through the flu that was sweeping the area. And just a couple of days ago I got stuffy again. This time because of my own stupidity. I was standing bear foot for an hour on a cold floor. (I spare you the details why, grrr….. ).

In any case, I pulled out some dusted but trusted household remedies to cure myself back to health.  In this video, my colleague Annie Barrett and I shoot the breeze on some super effective household remedies to get us through a cold or flu skillfully. You know, without the deep suffering.



We also share a simple recipe with you to strengthen your immune system and prevent you from getting sick.

Download the recipe here

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