Holistic strategies to reverse osteoporosis

Bone loss and bone weakening is a major concern for many women especially when getting older. The diagnoses of osteopenia and osteoporosis are dreaded ones not alone because it makes many of us feeling helpless.

A year ago, Jackie Prete had been diagnosed with osteoporosis (bone loss) after a bike accident. This was on the heels of dealing with osteopenia (reduced bone mass) for a number of years prior to that. The numbers were very high and the doctors pressured her intently to take drugs. She refused.

Jackie shares with us her approach on how she reversed her diagnosis using diet, lifestyle, exercise, Ayurveda and yoga;  and how she dealt with the pressures from the medical community.

What you get from tuning in:

  •    The difference between building quantity vs quality bone
  •    Why digestion is crucially important to healthy bones
  •    Holistic strategies to navigate and potentially reverse your diagnosis
  •    Jackie’s 20 min routine to keep her bones healthy and reverse bone loss
  •    The role of the mind in bone loss
  •    One crucial mind practice to strengthen the bones
  •    The mathematical equation of osteoporosis explained
  •    How to be your own best doctor


Save our bones

Favorite quotes:

  • Proper digestion is crucially important for healthy bones.
  • Consistency of practice is more important than length.
  • Rhythm and routine is a YUUUUGE pathway to healthy bones.

The mathematical equation of healthy bones:

stable mind = calm nervous system = less stress = better digestion = bones get more nutrients


Jackie Prete is a certified anusara yoga instructor, licensed massage therapist, and cofounder of the Anusara school of hatha yoga. She is also yoga health coach guiding students into healthy diet and lifestyle routines.

It has been her greatest dream to live and work around a conscious community. Her choices made that happen.

Jackie leads immersions and yoga teacher trainings all over the world. She shares her wisdom from her seat as a wise woman. www.jackieprete.com

Jakie Prete

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