How to activate your sacred feminine

At the Vancouver peace summit, the Dalai Lama proclaimed: “The world will be saved by the Western woman”. And right he may be considering that as Western women we have the resources needed to make a profound impact. We also have the freedom to develop and tap into our sacred feminine power. As Western women, one by one, awaken into self-realized, authentic, spirit-embodied human beings, there will be no limits as to what we will contribute in a feminine, intuitive way to all sectors of society.

Tapping into our sacred yonis is vital to unlock the power you need  to make the impact the Dalai Lama is talking about. Yoni is a Sanskrit word referring to the womb, uterus, vagina and vulva. The word also means abode and source. It is the feminine power center and sacred portal into our soul.

I remember the first time I ever thought about my yoni consciously. It was around 2005 or so after watching Vagina Monologues. It was rather fascinating to notice that, in my 30 years of existence, I had never paid much attention to that part of my body. I don’t know about you but I had thought a lot about my breasts, how they look, how they feel, what others may think, and what bras to buy. My vagina clearly took a back seat. And whenever we leave part of the body out we do not fully embody ourselves.

Connected to our yoni power will bring with it a sense of groundedness and deep sense of self confidence. Instead of pushing ourselves to do, do, do a different, more earthy way of engaging in the world emerges. Pushing turns into inspired action. The second chakra of sexuality and creative expression gets ignited. I don’t know about you, but I am all over. I want to make a profound, positive impact on the planet. Let’s do it together.


5 practices to tap into your yoni power:

  • Visualize: Bring awareness to the area, imagine what it looks like and what parts are involved.
  • Breathe: Breathe into the yoni and feel its tissue expanding.
  • Yoni gazing: Look at your yoni with a mirror. Also looking at a book of yoni pictures brings tons of awareness. We compare faces and bodies. We don’t ever compare yonis.
  • Create a piece of art of what your yoni looks like. Sit with it, honor it.
  • Do a fluid movement practice to shake up your hips and release any stuck energy. If you are into “formal” dance classes, belly dancing and salsa come to mind.

What You get from tuning in:

  • What is the yoni and why is it important to tap into that part of our bodies
  • How to know whether you are in touch with your yoni
  • How to know if your yoni is blocked
  • 5 practices to tap into your yoni power

The world will be saved by the Western woman” Dalai Lama

Want to get practical tips on how to take care and connect to your yoni?


Michele White Hart is a Sacred Feminine Visibility Mentor. As such she teaches women how to fully express themselves authentically and creatively online, on video, and in their leadership.

When she first started her Visibility Mentoring business she struggled to get enough clients to survive. She knew how to make videos, as she had been working in the film industry as a filmmaker and editor for 20+ years. But she didn’t know how to be on video and be seen, despite the fact that she had been a long time Somatic movement coach and comfortable in her body. It was frustrating and demoralizing.

After much experimentation and getting support she tapped into her body’s wisdom and uncovered a unique embodied, heart-connected method to be on video that literally magnetized committed clients.  She then went a layer deeper and found a way to tap into her sacred feminine power and ignite her self confidence in a more grounded and sustainable way.  This deeper dive has created powerful transformation in her clients.

In her second year of business, she attracted 250 conscious entrepreneurs to her online group program and taught them how to dive in and make authentic videos. And now, many of her clients have successfully launched group programs by using video and have attracted clients from all over the world.


Michelle White Hart

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