How many wipes are right

I know, I know it might be grossing you out, BUT… Someone’s gotta bring up the embarrassing wipes subject. Proper elimination is important…. Very important for your health.

In fact, in Ayurveda proper elimination (and digestion for that matter) is considered the root of all health (or illness if it’s not proper)

The number of wipes you need to get you clean is one indicator of whether you body eliminates properly.


Here is the scoop:

0 : Perfect
1-3  Just enough, no more
4-5  A little much
6-7 Excessive
8-9 Will clog the toilet
>10 Just take a shower


Your Action step:

Every time you do the poop thing, notice the number of wipes.
If you got more than 3…. My friend, it’s time to detox.

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