Episode 8. Yoga and Menopause…. a personal story

Lisa had the perfect setup for a dreadful menopause.

For 20 years, she had been working as a high powered healthcare consultant with a national management organization i.e. she worked in corporate America. This meant that she was travelling a bunch and entertaining clients late. That kind of work by itself can lead to burnout, depletion and massive menopausal symptoms. To make matters worse, Lisa has a more delicate body type (vata pitta if you know anything about Ayurveda), which by nature is prone to more severe menopausal symptoms. And if that wasn’t enough, in her 40s, she decided to go to massage therapy school, yoga teacher training and move to a new town where she knew no one.

Yet, despite all these stressors, Lisa experienced hardly any symptoms through the transition. In fact, when her menses disappeared and her naturopath proclaimed menopause had arrived she was surprised. “That was it? No sweat dripping nights, weight gain or moodiness? ” Lisa attributes her successful transition to her yoga and self-care practices. She truly practiced bad ass body wisdom that saved her from a downhill spiral. In this episode she shares with us how she made that happen.

What you get from tuning in


  • The knowing that menopause can be easeful
  • What kind of yoga to do to stay balanced as you get older
  • The importance of the ‘right’ mindset throughout menopause
  • How to find support through yoga and a yoga teacher

How to practice yoga during menopause:


  • Slower transitions, longer holds
  • Practice regularly but with moderation
  • Listen and get to know your body deeply
  • If you are doing a strong power or hot yoga practice, slow it down
  • Add restorative yoga
  • Add a breathing practice; Yep, that’s right just sit and breathe. Helps tons.
  • Dial your antenna to grounding, softening and flowing
  • Do Savasana. No excuses


Lisa Scouba LMT, RYT is a certified massage therapist, yoga teacher and Yoga Health Coach. Prior to that  Lisa had been a healthcare consultant with a national practice management organization for 20 years. She found herself in a high paced environment with extensive travel, late nights and lots of pressure.

Lisa Scouba

She gave up that lifestyle in favor of becoming a massage therapist and yoga instructors. Since 2012 she has been teaching yoga mainly to women in their 40- 60s. She focuses her practice on cancer survivors, busy executives and women with autoimmune diseases. http://www.yogamassagerenew.com

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