Here we revolutionize the way you think about your body. Stay tuned to courageously create the next you and step into your vibrant health evolution.

Ditch being a victim of the health care system and create the body of your dreams. You are in the right place if you want to be in the driver’s seat of your life, create your body with your body and actively design the next phase of your life. With your host Alexandra Epple who is turning badass by practicing martial arts with a yogic attitude

Episode #28. Your food, your mindset, your reality

Food is about more than just taste. Food is nourishment for the five layers of our being. It impacts not only your physical body, but our minds, emotions and spirit as well. Shifting your attention away from solely tasting food to asking yourself “how does my body want to be nourished today” and “how does earth intent to nourish me today” provides for a completely different approach and culinary experience.

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Episode #26. The 4 Stages of Life

The four stages of life describe our focus, aim and role in life over a 100 year time span. These stages were outlined in the ancient Indian texts, the Vedas.
Being able to verbalize the four stages helps us to become more conscious and choose our orientation, engagement, actions and attitude in each phase of life more skillfully.

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Episode #25. Healing Trauma holistically

Trauma is an integral part of human life. Our brains and nervous system can get severely impacted causing the body to go into fight, flight or freeze mode. Clearing trauma out of our tissues is an integral part of healing ourselves. Schuyler shares with us her own journey from trauma through addiction to a healthier life and how she is teaching others to do the same.

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Episode #24. What is menopause? Let’s get it straight

Let’s clear up a fundamental question around menopause and that is “What is menopause exactly”. It can get kind of confusing as some women (and health care practitioners) refer to it as a point in time, while others refer to it as a phase in their lives. Which one is it? Let’s get it straight.

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Episode #23. The power of subtle awareness

Marcia Wilson grew up to be a biochemist (=gross body awareness) and evolved into a yogi (=subtle body awareness). She tells her story of how those two intricate studies inform her life, health and happiness as she moves through her 40s.

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Episode #20. How to achieve work life balance

Work can take over. Life can take over, leaving little room for fun and relaxation. That is if we are not intentional about how we use time. We chat about key tools to become master of your time, get a S#%! load done and create more room for fun and relaxation.

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