Live in a clear, clean, wildly joyful body

We start April 15, 2019

– You are here to overhaul your body

– You are here to ditch outdated food and lifestyle habits

– You are here to ditch outdated belief patterns

– You are here so your new self can arrive


Rejuv Camp is an Ayurvedic Detox….and it is more than that.


Rejuv Camp is complete diet and lifestyle makeover to jumpstart your body, mind, and soul into the next phase of your life.

Mentally, mark all that apply

Check-symbol-AEI feel way out of rhythm

Check-symbol-AEI battle with allergies

Check-symbol-AEI have no energy

Check-symbol-AEI sleep poorly

Check-symbol-AEMy body aches, my joints hurt

Check-symbol-AEI feel bloated and gassy

Check-symbol-AEI have hot flashes

Check-symbol-AEI have menopausal issues

Check-symbol-AEI feel too heavy, weight’s gotta come off


I want to age with a healthy bodyCheck-symbol-AE

Check-symbol-AEI am depressed, lonely and disconnected

Check-symbol-AEMy emotions are all over the place

Check-symbol-AEMy poop is sticky or stinky

Check-symbol-AEI feel ungrounded, unnerved, and irritable

Check-symbol-AEMy skin is pimply, unclean and itchy. I have rashes.

Check-symbol-AEI have cravings and bad food habits. It’s time to get a grip on them.

Check-symbol-AEPast indulgences feel like sticky goo in my body

Made tick marks to any of the above?
Then you need to detox.


What I received from Alexandra’s detox was way beyond my expectations. Alexandra is incredibly generous, non-judgmental and present. I learned so much! There is plenty of information, but Alexandra makes sure you are not overwhelmed. She is full of knowledge, funny and patient with all your questions, no matter how basic they may be. 

Samantha T.

Rejuv Camp is for you if you…


  • want to improve your diet but don’t know where to start
  • are exhausted and would love the more sustainable energy
  • your body could use an overhaul
  • have all kinds of random imbalances showing up in your body
  • love detoxing but just can’t get yourself to do it on your own
  • want a supportive group environment to “get her done”

If you have already lived decades in your body and have never cleansed before you are living in a dirty warehouse. Toxins clog your cells. THE RESULT: hormone imbalances, mental/emotional issues,  skin impurities, digestive issues, diagnosed diseases…..


We start September 10, 2018








What are you going to feel like in 21 days?

  • more energized
  • lighter in your body
  • clearer in your mind
  • more aligned in your spirit
  • uplifted
  • more hopeful
  • more psyched about life
  • more connected
  • more deeply in tune with yourself
  • more intuitive
  • more plugged in
  • more easeful
  • cleaner and more comfortable in your skin

Create the body you want!

Jumpstart your body, mind, and soul into the next phase of your life.

Why cleanse?

  • To get a grip on diagnosed diseases
  • To clean up your bowels…pooping daily is  non-negotiable
  • To transition through menopause with ease
  • To alleviate hot flashes and night sweats
  • Feel lighter in your body
  • Lose those extra pounds
  • Age well and keep your vibrancy

The body thrives on the principle of ‘less is more’.

The body is a miraculous machine inhabited by a beautiful spirit. And the machine needs to be cleaned , oiled and maintained at regular intervals.

Just like you get an oil change for your car, your body needs to detox periodically. Detoxing is like an oil change and a deep clean all at once.


The body thrives on the principle of ‘less is more’.

What are we detoxing?

When people think about detoxing they typically think of, well, depriving themselves of food. And “doing away with less” is indeed an important part of detoxing and thus rejuvenating the body.

However, turning on the holistic lightbulb called Ayurveda, we realize that there are all kinds of other ways we feed ourselves. And that is through the remainder of the five senses aka smell, sound, sight, and touch. If we want the full benefit from a detox and rejuvenate ourselves to the deepest level, we need to include all senses.

During Rejuv camp, we get serious about feeding ALL senses more harmoniously.

This is super duper important as our mind is fed by them and our mind determines to a large part how our body shows up for us.


One of the major texts of Ayurveda says this:

“One who wants to protect the heart, the great vessels and the ojas (immunity/strength), should particularly avoid the causes of the affliction of mind”. – Caraka Samhita

In other words, by feeding the mind skillfully and harmoniously we avoid dis-ease, big time.

During Rejuv Camp you create space in your body and mind so that your new and magnificent-self has room to thrive.

Even healthy people need to detox

My doctor says I am healthy. My blood panel came out just fine. Do I need to detox, too?

In Ayurveda, we distinguish six stages of disease and Western medicine detects disease only in stage five. So we go four stages of being in imbalance before a diagnosis is made. Along the way there are all kinds of warning signs like digestive issues, mental imbalances, more dryness, more mucus, changes in the skin, poop and pee etc. but typically we argue them away as not bothersome enough to attend to.

Even as healthy people we accumulate toxins from the environment, from eating too much, eating too frequently, going to bed too late, stressing ourselves out, overdoing it, not digesting our emotions, not attending to our spirit.

Healthy people also need to hit the reset button.

Here is why healthy people need to detox:


  • hit the reset button
  • increase energy levels
  • counterbalance over-indulgence
  • get a deeper relationship to the self
  • get to know yourself better
  • clear emotional gunk (we all have it)
  • put new self care practices in place
  • age with a vibrant body
  • prevent or reverse menopausal issues
  • give the body a rest
  • clear the brain
  • align with spirit
  • create clarity for our life path

Your body is a storehouse for food, experiences, thoughts, emotions, and feelings. You are the one feeding your body. You create it. 

What do you want it to look like?

Your Rejuv Camp Guide

Hi, this is Alexandra Epple and my first cleanse experience in 1998 was an absolute D.I.S.A.S.T.E.R.

I was working in an office at the time and followed my Boss’s lead. A detox seemed like a good idea….Ahhh, it wasn’t. For me.

The particular cleanse he had chosen was a 5-day tea only affair. Special teas of course that cleanse the liver, kidneys, and colon. Generally speaking not a bad approach, but what I didn’t know was that after a recent two-year anorexic period, castrating myself by only drinking liquids was a bad, a very bad, idea.

I got so irritated, my coworkers implored me to take a couple days off to recover. I didn’t do that but instead, ravaged my sister’s fridge that night and ate anything in sight. I created lots of Ama (toxins) in the process. I was worse off than before. This episode happened before I knew anything about Yoga or Ayurveda.

I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I made. 

Why my cleanse went wrong:

Check-symbol-AEI did the wrong type of cleanse: My choice was to do this random tea cleanse my boss suggested or not do a cleanse at all. I opted for the first option and it went all wrong. A cooked food cleanse would have been very beneficial for me, but I didn’t know how to do such a thing at the time.


Check-symbol-AEI had no clarity  about my current state of health. I thought I was healthy. After all, I didn’t have any diagnosed illnesses. But looking at it from an Ayurvedic point of few, I wasn’t healthy at all. In fact, I was a mess.


Check-symbol-AEI had no self-care: All I did was stop eating. I did not add any other supportive practices to get me through the self-created “food dessert”. I didn’t even get the suggested teas. I bought low-grade teas from a local discount market instead. Bad idea.

Check-symbol-AEI did not follow any guidelines for healthy eating: I didn’t have any rituals on how to enjoy food. Even though I didn’t eat, healthy food guidelines would have helped me to get the maximum nourishment from the liquids I was drinking.

Check-symbol-AEStress moderation? What’s that? I kept working my typical 8 hour days, with the same intensity as before.  And I commuted 45 min one way. While this is possible during a cleanse if need be, other measures would have had to be in place for me to sustain a cleanse at that pace.

Since this disastrous experience I have undergone many successful Ayurvedic cleanses on my own and have guided numerous clients through it. I will support you in having a heavenly detox experience. Aeehhh…as much as that is possible on a cleanse.

This is NOT a “one size fits all” approach. You get to be your own Detox Designer

What do you get?

  • Detox Recipe E-book with lots of satisfying and yummy recipes. YES, you get to eat on this detox…if you choose to. 
  • A practical, fun and inspiring workbook to guide your journey
  • 5 Coaching calls to keep you on track
  • A Private Facebook forum to connect with other Rejuv-ers and get support 24/7
  • A supportive group to keep you on track and make the cleanse a success
  • Me, Alexandra, as your guide…how aaaawesome.

I am amazed at how easily I assimilated better habits and returned to those gems I had left by the wayside. There was genuine support and I am a calmer, happier, more patient person for it. Thank you, Alexandra!! 


Anna B.

Frequently asked questions

What do I get to eat during the Rejuv Camp?
What you get to eat depends on what type of cleanse you choose to do. I guide you through the options and you decide what is feasible for you depending on your health history, strength, constitution and stress level. Some people opt for a juice only cleanse while others choose a cooked food cleanse. You get to be your own Rejuv and detox designer.
Will I go hungry?
Let’s put it this way, you will create a new relationship to your body’s hunger signals. In our “more is better” society we overfeed, overindulge and overdo. I doubt that most people who read this have ever truly starved in their lives. During Rejuv camp you get to pick how much you eat. Some people opt for a radical cleanse, others opt for a more gentle cleanse. You will be as hungry as you choose to be.
How much energy am I going to have?
Good question and one that does not have a cookie cutter answer.

Some people are hyper energized and could take down a forest. Others are tired. Partly it depends on how many cleanses you have done before, how toxic your system is, how sleep deprived you are, how overstimulated your were, how worn down you feel, how many health issues you have. Detoxing does take energy as you are processing out the old gunk, but then you also get energized because you are getting rid of the gunk. So, in summary, one can’t really say which way it is going to go. I typically feel more tired the first 2-4 days and then feel energized after that. But that’s just me.

Can I keep working during the rejuv camp?
Rejuv camp is about making YOU a priority and it is best to cut work back to a minimum. If you cannot do that, approach work with a mindset of ease. I have done most of my cleanses while working but I did eliminate unnecessary things. e.g. I moved meetings to another week, dropped work that wasn’t absolutely necessary, chose work that was less demanding, or worked an hour or two less per day.
Can I travel during my cleanse?
I don’t recommend that by any stretch, especially not on your first cleanse. You are making it that much harder on yourself and it won’t be as effective. Your environment is much less controllable while travelling.

You have the power to create a clean, clear and clutterfree body.

Let’s get on it!!!

Your investment is $247 to FINALLY feel…

more energy
more clarity
more alive
more vibrant

AND you can bring a friend for $47!!!

Yep, just like that. An almost 2 for 1 if you care to share. 

The course runs 21 days from start to finish.
The cleanse itself is 5 -10 days. You get to choose.


We start April 15, 2019

It’s going to be an awesome ride.

Alexandra Epple © Rejuv Camp 2018

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