Solving the pelvic floor mystery

As if pregnancy, childbirth and menopause wasn’t enough fun for women, there are a whole set of challenges associated with our female parts.

1 in 3 women experience some form of pelvic floor disorder. That’s a significant 33%. Think uterine and bladder prolapse, urinary incontinence, urinary tract infections, yoni flatulence or rectal incontinence.

In a study from 2007 with close to 9,000 women it was shown that …..

  • 25% of women experience rectal incontinence
  • 15% stress incontinence of the bladder
  • 29% had multiple surgeries because of pelvic floor disorders
  • 38% farting/flatus out of the yoni
  • 6% pelvic organ prolapse

Pelvic floor disorders aren’t discussed much in our society and many women have to suffer in silence. Imagine not being able to have sex due to pain. Or having to wear diapers because of leaking. Or the deep embarrassment that comes with leaking stool.

Leslie Stager shares her insight and experience as a holistic pelvic floor specialist. Pelvic floor work is not sexual, sensual, clinical or painful. It is a therapeutic approach to bring attention and healing into the private parts of our body.

What you get from tuning in:

  • Sexy & feminine names for your vagina
  • What is pelvic floor work
  • Conditions pelvic floor work can help you heal
  • Specific dance & movement exercises to free the pelvic floor
  • Kegel exercises: helpful for not?
  • Daily self-care practices to heal your pelvic floor

Favorite quotes:

  • The pelvis is a universe that holds a story.
  • When we are disconnected from our pelvis, we are disconnected from our primary energy source.
  • The vagina is the entryway to earthly living.
  • If the uterus is not right in the center of the pelvis, the woman is off center in all other areas of her life.


Leslie Stager has been involved with women’s health since 1978 when her friends got speculums and they gathered together to look at each other’s cervix. Back then women created moon lodges, womb rooms, and broke through loud silence about femininity, sexuality, and women’s rites. Personal challenges with menstrual cramps, fibroids, surgeries and back injuries set her on a path of healing that guides her work today. 

Leslie lived alone in the woods of Maine for years, tracking animals, wildcrafting, listening to earth-rhythms, and training as a rites of passage guide. Later she became a labor & delivery nurse and massage therapist specialized with prenatal and postnatal clients. 

Currently she is a hospice nurse, and massage therapist with private practice focused on women’s life-cycles from menstruation to menopause. She has studied pelvic-abdominal bodywork with Rosita Arivigo, Tami Kent, and other pelvic gurus, and teaches bodywork for women’s health around the country, focused on pregnancy, bellies, womb, breasts, and the amazing internal pelvic Yoniverse!

Leslie Stager

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