Dress yourself for more confidence & self love

We are talking about clothes of all things. What me? Yes. That’s right.

Clothes and everything that comes with it, shoes, accessories, jewelry is important to many women. Period.  And clothes are something that in the world of yogis, with whom I have been hanging out, has often been suppressed and shunned. After all the development of the soul is more important, right?…..and what do clothes have to do with that?

Well, truth be told, a lot.

The way you dress reflects a level of self confidence, self worth and self love. Clothes reflect your identity and who you are as a person.

Clothes also express what you want to experience at any moment in time. Remember a day when you were in pyjamas all day? You were probably going for comfort and snuggle time. Now imagine a day where you dressed up, in a beautiful and carefully chosen dress, adorned with jewelry and maybe high heels (likely not me, but you get the point). Were you going on a date?  You probably felt immediately more powerful, worthy and self confident.

And what is more, dressing right can make you be seen and heard as who you are. Authentically.

If you want to be heard and seen (even though part of you is resistant) you need to listen to this conversation.

What you get from tuning in:

  • How your clothes impacts your self-confidence, self-worth and self-love
  • The interrelationship between appearance/dress, habits and identity
  • The wrong pieces of clothes take away from you
  • The impact of color on your energy
  • And some joyful laughter….

The impact you get by dressing right:

  • More confidence
  • Less time spent at the store
  • Less money spent in stores
  • More clients (or a promotion)
  • More feminine power


Favorite Quotes by Vaidehi

  • It should be about YOU, not about your clothes
  • CELEBRATE who you are by the way you dress
  • What’s beautiful about you is eternal and endless.


Vaidehi Normand is an Image Consultant, Fashion Designer, and Speaker from Santa Cruz, CA serving women locally and virtually.

Vaidehi is passionate about helping women entrepreneurs create a look that is magnetic to their ideal clients while being quick, easy, and comfortable.

After working with her, Vaidehi’s clients have been able to attract higher-paying clients, gain greater visibility and reach more of their ideal clients while saving time dressing and shopping. She doesn’t just take her clients shopping; she gives them customized formula for their unique style that fits their lifestyle and body type at any size.

Vaidehi speaks for women entrepreneurs and has spoken on stages like Promote Her Business, The Year Of Women Entrepreneurs, Vrinda Normand’s Stand Out & Sizzle Live Event, The Women’s Networking Alliance, and so many more.

Vaidehi and her husband live in the Santa Cruz Mountains with their new daughter, Karuan. http://www.vaidehinormand.com/

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