Episode #37: Embracing your feminine, stepping into flow

Episode #37: Embracing your feminine, stepping into flow

Finding your feminine essence in a masculine world is not an easy feat. It’s a discovery, it’s a curiosity. As women, regardless of sexual orientation, we carry a watery nature, an essence, a juiciness and creativity that has been given to us by nature. Kristen so thoughtfully shares how she so willingly sets her PhD-achiever-self aside and embraces the softness and flow of the feminine.

Episode #36. Cracking the anxiety code

Episode #36. Cracking the anxiety code

18% of the US population suffers from generalized anxiety. That’s huge. Hand in hand with anxiety often comes depression. Yikes. Yoga and Ayurveda offer simple, low cost and no-side-effect tools. We share with you what worked for us.

5 best practices for summer according to Ayurveda

Each season requires you to eat differently, exercise differently, meditate differently and focus differently if you want to keep your body, mind and emotions in top shape aka balanced. Follow these 5 BEST PRACTICES from Ayurveda to drop your summer heat skillfully. They are much more pleasant and doable than my dandelion soup approach.

4th of July Summer Party Recovery Strategies

I assume that you have a tendency to overdose on food and alcohol on the 4th of July or any summer party for that matter. Maybe you tend to eat too many grilled hamburgers and spare ribs, maybe un-organic on top of it, enjoy a beer or two too many, and just can’t say no that Margarita. I got good news!!!! In this video I’ll give you practical tips and recipes to get you right back on self-care track.

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