Thai Bodywork

I am here to help you feel amazing in your body

Do you yearn to be deeply touched and nourished?

Is your body stiff, achy and out of alignment?

Are you upset, frustrated, lonely or just somewhat down and wished it wasn’t like that?

What a Thai Session can do for you: 

Check-symbol-AE Reduce your PAIN, RELAX your muscles and IMPROVE your POSTURE

Check-symbol-AE Get your blood circulation cranked up and RAISE your ENERGY level



Check-symbol-AE Renew your sense of CREATIVITY, INSPIRATION and PASSION for life

Check-symbol-AE Raise your JOY and HAPPINESS barometer by several notches

In this video, I explain all you need to know about Thai massage

If you ask me, massage is completely underrated in our society for healing purposes. Getting regular massage contributes greatly to our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being…that is when it is performed by a skilled practitioner.

Massage works wonders to shift your body from pain to ease, from emotional upset to peace, from spiritual disconnection to joy. Get worked over, cradled and limbered up like a pretzel

What my clients say…

Tara-Coyote: healer extraordinaire
Tara Coyote
Nevada City, CA

I started seeing Alexandra after two months of acute daily pain due to two unfortunate injuries. After three session with her I can honestly say that the pain I experienced receded to be a distant memory. I was happy to discover I could go through my day to day life without feeling the discomfort that had plagued me for months.
Alexandra is a very conscientious, caring, considerate, sweet and down to earth person and I immensely enjoy my time with her! I could trust her with some of the levels of emotional release that was necessary to tap into to let go of the pain in my body. I highly recommend her as an ally for your own healing journey for your mind, body and spirit!

Alan Schaub
Alan Schaub
Grass Valley, CA

My first massage with Alex was OUTSTANDING! I was certified in massage therapy and acupressure, years ago. I have been receiving body-work for over 20 years. Thai Massage is my new favorite modality, and Alex is my new favorite provider. She combines experience, intuition, and genuine emotional warmth in a manner that is both rare and precious. I plan to see Alex again soon. I would recommend her to anyone.

Paul Snyder
Nevada City, CA

I have seen Alex for a number of years and her knowledge and skill is exceptional. As a PT I have had many massages and soft tissue work from very skilled people over the years and she is the OUTSTANDING at what she does. Thai massage is like a yoga session with a massage all wrapped into one. I love it!! And I always look forward to feeling better when I leave.

Candice Claire Oksenhorn
Candice Claire Oksenhorn
Aspen, Colorado

When I came to see Alexandra for a bodywork session i felt/struggled with lack of joy since my husbands suicide. She listened to me deeply and I felt heard and understood. She took me flying! Literally, she suggested doing the massage with me in the air! Alexandra was extremely confident and skillful in the technique and I was able to just let go and trust the process! I thought is was such an appropriate suggestion for me and I enjoyed it thoroughly!

Sharry Fuechsel
Jackson, WY

Your work addresses a lot of my back and hip imbalances which I greatly appreciate... and of course the tender loving care you give doesn’t go unnoticed either.

Jack Lieberum
Jack Lieberum
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

I had virtually given up all hope of ever recovering from my torn rotator cuff without surgery... I had already made an appointment to see an orthopedic surgeon when I called Alexandra.
I had suffered a near fatal accident 9 months before, with very serious injuries all over my body. Little by little my injuries healed but I was still in constant pain from my rotator cuff, with very little range of motion, and was still unable to even consider resuming my long time yoga practice.
I was immediately impressed with Alexandra’s soothing, encouraging style and once she began to work on me I just knew that my life of pain was about to come to end. I won’t go into every detail of her treatments and techniques, suffice to say that after 6 treatments I was pain free with full range of motion in my damaged shoulder, swimming in the ocean at my home in Mexico and resuming my yoga practice!
Alexandra, I cannot thank you enough, you have given me my quality of life back. You are a miracle worker and I strongly recommend that anyone reading this who is suffering from a physical injury or pain contact you immediately and embark on the healing, spiritual journey I shared with you.

Jan L Fishler
Jan L Fishler
Grass Valey, CA

Yesterday, I had an absolutely wonderful, fabulous, and completely awesome Thai massage. The environment was very relaxing and Alexandra’s techniques are well, out of this world. I left feeling very relaxed and a pain I had in my back is now completely gone! If you’ve never experienced Thai massage from Alexandra, put it on your to-do list or give it as a gift to a friend. Her skills are simply amazing!

Batool Yogima
Batool Yogima

Alexandra gives the best Thai massage in the world. I have been to Thailand for a massage and nothing compares to Alexandra's. Wish she was living close to me & that i did not have to wait a full year to see her at a retreat. I come to her hurting and i leave feeling relaxed as she has worked all the kinks out of my whole body. Luv, luv, luv her massage. Thanks! Alex.

What conditions does Thai massage treat?

Thai Massage balances the major muscle groups, feet to face, and stimulates the body’s natural healing process. That’s huge!!!  When we look at it more from a Western diagnostic perspective Thai Massage in treating any of these conditions:  

Check-symbol-AE Lower back pain
Check-symbol-AE Sciatica and asthma
Check-symbol-AE Hypertension
Check-symbol-AE Arthritis and joint pain
Check-symbol-AE Neck and shoulder tightness
Check-symbol-AE Knee injuries
Check-symbol-AE Hip tightness and pain
Check-symbol-AE Chronic headaches
Check-symbol-AE Migraines

People often experience positive mental and psychological shifts over several days or weeks after a treatment. They feel more uplifted, clear and balanced.

I told you massage is completely underrated in our medical system.

If you want to experience these results for yourself apply to talk to me. Let’s chat about what’s up for you, with your life and health. Where do you want to go and how can you get there. I’d be honored to support you.

Why choose me as your practitioner?

Well, the short, totally bragging answer is, because I am an amazing bodyworker!!!… just repeating what my peeps have been telling me for years.

I have been practicing Thai bodywork since 2003 and have trained extensively in Thailand and the US. I am a certified massage therapist in the state of California and a continuing education provider with NCBTMB, teaching Thai Massage to professional  massage therapists.

Besides that I am also an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Ayurvedic Bodyworker, Marma therapist and Anusara inspired yoga instructor. I bring all of that knowledge into my bodywork sessions with you.

Talking about Thai massage specifically, my knowledge stems from extensive stays in Thailand where I studied with Masters Asokananda (Harald Brust), Pichest Boonthumbe and Lek Chaya as well as senior teachers from the Sunshine Network. I also studied osteopathic techniques with Arnaud L’Hermite during the 2008 Thai Massage Circus.

Between 2003 and 2008 I spent months on end in Thailand, studying and practicing. I soaked it up like a sponge.

People naturally trust me. I create a safe environment so you can let go of anything unwanted, unneeded, unserving.

What are my sessions like?

My massages are deep and dynamic yet incredibly loving. You will me moved, cradled, and transformed. One thing I am not that great at is fluff-puff massages. So if you are looking for that I am not your gal.

I am your gal, however, if you are looking for a more profound shift in your body. Someone who works you over, stretches you and limbers you up like a pretzel so when you leave the mat you feel renewed, revitalized, energized and balanced. I want you to enjoy greater flexibility and freedom in your body, more than you ever thought possible.

Here are a few things I am particularly good at. The list is certainly not exhaustive:

Check-symbol-AE Relieving  joint and muscle pain
Check-symbol-AE Reducing stiffness in your body
Check-symbol-AE Increasing your range of motion
Check-symbol-AE Unearthing and removing unresolved emotions
Check-symbol-AE Reducing and removing trauma held in your tissues
Check-symbol-AE Uplifting your mental attitude
Check-symbol-AE Making you feel connected, loved and cared for

What techniques do I use?

This might be of interest for you to know if you are educated about the different types of bodywork.  Each modality has their own strengths and method of approaching the body.

The major technique that I use in my bodywork practice is Thai Massage. So lots of stretching, aligning, opening the joints and massaging while you are in different positions. 

Thai massage is done on the floor on a mat with the receiver wearing loose, comfortable clothing which allows for unrestricted movement during the session. It is often referred to as lazy (wo)man’s yoga. I use my thumbs, palms, forearms, elbows, knees and feet, and body weight. This  creates a nurturing touch with deep pressure.

Being from Germany, I have a natural snag for precision, quality and attention to detail. This may seem irrelevant when thinking about massage, but these qualities come in handy when you are stretching and moving someone else around. I also embrace a playful attitude (which is not a natural German snag) which makes my Thai Massages look and feel like a dance.

Here you can learn more about Thai Massage.

How often should you do it aka get a session?

 The answer to that question depends on a few factors:

  1. Where are you in in terms of your health and your pain level? The more pain and more discomfort, the more often you need a session.
  2. What are you trying to achieve? If you just want to  pacify symptoms you might be good with a handful of sessions or less. If you want to live in co-creative relationship with your body, deeply care for and nurture it a monthly maintenance plan might be in order.
  3. How willing and serious are you about investing time and money into your health? Health is the foundation of your life. You can take everything away from me and i can handle it. Take away my health and i am not a happy camper. I venture many people would agree with me. If you are thinking is massages as a luxury, think again. Seriously they are an investment into your body and health.


Regular massages are not a luxury, they are a necessity

From my experience as a bodyworker over the past dozen years, here are general guidelines to guide your thinking process:

  • 1x/month if you are generally happy with how you feel and you want to maintain that great feeling for many years to come. Once a month is the General Maintenance plan.
  • 2x/month if you have minor aches & pains
  • 1x/week  if you have moderate pain or you are looking for a  serious shift in flexiblity, mobility, and consciousness
  • up to 3x/week – If you have severe pain and need to get out of it now. Or if you have serious stress in your life and you need deep nourishment.

I remember a client years ago who was working a very stressful job on Wall Street where people viciously yelled at her daily and she spent 12 hours at a computer regularly. She came in 3x a week because she needed that deep connection, the feeling of being loved and cared for. That was her health maintenance plan.

What I want for you

Massage, in my humble opinion, should be part of a regular health maintenance plan. Once per month at a minimum to maintain what you got, more often if you are working through a body issue or struggling through emotional pain.

As I said earlier I am not a fluff puff-massage kind of gal. I don’t want you to leave and say “Well, that was nice but really I don’t feel that different”.  What I want for you instead is to help you transform the way you experience your body long term. I want you to feel free, alive and easeful in your physiology. I trust that you want this as badly for yourself as I want it for you!

John Volz
Nevada City, CA

Anyone thinking about trying Thai Massage look no further, Alexandra is 1#.
As a runner and an auto mechanic the lower back has always been an issue for the past 30 yrs. When my body needs a tune up Alexandra always has the right plan to get me limber and ready to put in the longs days.
She is truly the best and I have had dozens of Thai Massages from many people… A++++

Sarah Griscom
Sarah Griscom
Nevada City, CA

I just had the most a m a z i n g thai massage w/ Alexandra Epple today! my body feels all wrung out and clear and healed. thank you so so much!

Tara-Thacker: yoga teacher and yoga health coach
Tara Thacker
Newburgh, Indiana

I came to Alexandra with so much grief hanging around my body. Right away I felt Alexandra was there to help me relax and open my heart to new possiblities. It was like I could stop supporting my body for a while and she did the work for me. It was wonderful to feel myself let go and be in the moment of expansion instead of contraction. Alexandra is the real thing!

Christoph Heinen
Christoph Heinen

It is well worth your investment to have a session with Alexandra... Can't wait for my next one!

If you are looking for someone who can support you in creating a deeper relationship with your body, I am your gal.

I show up for you so you can show up for yourself.

Let’s chat.

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