The 5 crucial Cs to un-stuck yourself, break bad habits & get what you want


Have you ever been stuck in your life? Sure you have. Me too.

You want things to be different. Part of you wants to grow and change. You want to be healthy, happy and be the best version of yourself you can be. You want to shed those bad habits that hold you back. You want to choose those good habits that will make you feel better.

You want to eat better, exercise more, lose those pounds and start that yoga class down the street.

But then … things get in the way. Grrrr

Life takes over, you lose heart, you lose steam and fears arise stopping you in your tracks. And then there are these gremlins in your brain veering you off your goals.

The truth is our ego doesn’t want to change.


Over the past year, I have been reflecting on what it took me to become the person I am today. What qualities and traits did I need to draw from to establish the habits of the person I wanted to be. Happy, healthy, joyful and plugged in.

I like to organize things according to elements. You know the Ayurveda thing shines through here. Nature operates in elements and many traditions have been using them to connect and drop in. I landed on the 5 crucial Cs. We all need to draw on those qualities to “un-stuck” ourselves.


The crucial 5 Cs to get what you want


Courage: Related to the fire element, courage is the first quality I think of when it comes to getting what I want. Whenever I want things I don’t have,  whether that is for my body or life, it means I need to change something I have been doing. After all insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  And change is always scary. Drawing on my inner warrior is crucial for me to take action. Otherwise I stay stuck in my old, drudging rut. Fire up.

Curiosity: Related to the element of air, curiosity is the second trait I think of. Curiosity stands in stark contrast to judgement. Trust me, I know. I am a recovering judgementalist 🙂 

Judgement has a contracting energy, curiosity is expansive. Doesn’t it feel way more comfortable to be in expansion vs contraction? When I shift into curiosity, naturally my view expands and possibilities open. My heart softens and compassion comes. I am way more able to see my situation clearly and act upon the habits that keeps me stuck. 

“Curiosity is the engine of achievement” Ken Robinson

Community: Community is related to water; think fluidity and support.  More and more I recognize the power of community. Naturally being an independent person, I tend to plow through things on my own. After all, if I do that I know things get done and they get done well.

I used to do the same with personal growth. I remember finding myself in India for six months studying Yoga shaping not only my body, but shape shifting my mind and majorly detoxing my emotions. There was no other Westerner in sight for months; and it was in a time before cell phones and Skype to connect with friends across the globe. I am glad I did that. But I tell you what, the going was tough, very tough.  Transformation, habit change and un-stucking yourself is hard as it is, but alone it is brutal.

Over the years, I have found myself in many transformational groups. And how much more easeful is that? A ton. That is why I offer online group programs now like Body Joy. We evolve faster in a supportive group environment. And I want that for you so you don’t have to suffer through it like I did.

Body Joy

Commitment: This C is related to earth. The most dense, heavy and grounded of all the elements. Earth has an anchoring feeling and commitment is just like that. It anchors your efforts into reality.

Once I commit to something, I will act. Achieving my goals is no longer a lofty idea. Going to this new yoga class is no longer a wish. I no longer just hope for things to change or wished I had that healthy, strong body that my friend has. I start looking for solutions and act on them.

Commitment is a key ingredient. Without it, nothing will ever change. We get stuck in the wish-hope-like-try hamster wheel….and stay stuck in the rut we desperately want to get out of.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”
Albert Einstein

Connection: I have been so tempted to pick clarity for the element of ether. Clients tell me all the time  “If i just had clarity, I would know what to do”. And truth be told, I wish for that too. But clarity cannot be magicked in.

Clarity is the end result of taking action and getting out of our rut. As long we do do the same things over and over again, clarity can’t arise.

So instead I picked connection. Deep connection to our bodies, minds, emotions and soul. I know for myself if I am tapped into myself, my body in particular, my next steps will reveal themselves naturally. Clarity will arise.

There are tons of things we can do to find that connection to ourselves and our bodies. I help you make that happen in Body Joy. I guide you into creating better habits for yourself. And that is crucial. After all, we become what we repeatedly do and having a healthy body, good  habits and a grounded center are crucial.

“We become what we repeatedly do.”
Sean Covey


Whenever I want to shape-shift my body and life, or find myself in a ‘S#$% hits the fan’ sort of scenario, I draw on those 5 crucial Cs to change the way I do things.

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