The boon of setting boundaries

Have you ever said Yes to something you really wanted to say No to…. and then ended up dragging your feet there?

I have.

Do you take on work although it is not really your job and you don’t get paid extra for it either?

yep, I know that one.

Do you keep babysitting for your friend although you could really need time to yourself?

I learnt not to.

Many of us struggle setting boundaries. Yet setting boundaries skillfully is an integral part to a healthy and happy life.

Creating mutually beneficial relationships is based on having explicit ground rules between one another.
Being able to say NO when we mean NO, and being able to say YES when we mean YES will let another person  know where they stand and how much they can ask of you.

Boundaries will protect you from burn out, resentment, anger and frustration.

So then…I ask..…If setting boundaries is so important why do so many of us struggle to set them? And how can we learn to set them skillfully? Lael Peterson, long time therapist and coach, and I shine light on the issue.

What you get from tuning in:

  • What purpose do boundaries serve?
  • The negative impact of NOT setting boundaries
  • Why women have such a hard time with saying No
  • Understanding fear and how we misinterpret it
  • How we get caught on the heroine’s journey
  • 3 exercises and tools to help you set boundaries in your life
 Inability to set boundaries leads to stress
stress = poor digestion
poor digestion = poor assimilation of food
poor assimilation = poorly functioning cells
poorly functioning cells = dis-ease

Favorite quotes:

  •    Setting boundaries are about You choosing Your experience
  •    A lack of setting boundaries is rooted in a fear of disconnection
  •    Fear is an opportunity to be courageous
  •    Learning to say No with confidence is a skill we all need to develop if we want to be happy and healthy
Setting boundaries creates a deeper connection to others



Lael is a mom of twins, an ex-therapist and now a life coach who leads an online community of women dedicated to stopping the madness of their crazy, busy lives and finally prioritizing their health and mental health.

Her own personal healing journey combined with her expertise as a therapist have combined to help countless women transform their lives. She loves yoga, camping, eating, being with her family and most of all, talking about stuff that matters.


Lael’s gift to you: a powerful and FREE 20 min Boundary Setting Session. Just write her a note here and off you go.

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