Episode 3. The effect of digestion & stress on hormones

Hormones are often in the forefront of women’s’ minds when observing their own health. It is almost like hormones are the bad guys that cause our bodies to be off, our breasts to sag, our moods to be whacko, our energy to be low, metabolism to be weak and our bodies to age. Winslow gives us a different perspective from the viewpoint of the gut. The central message:  hormones are not the generals in charge, they are the servants. Treat your digestion like a king and your hormones will be on par.

When looking at digestion and hormones we have to look at the adrenal glands which produce cortisol and adrenaline, two of the major stress hormones. When the body is in a flight and flight response (i.e. in a major cortisol/adrenaline surge), the bodies digestion slows or shuts down. The body is solely concerned with fleeing or fighting. Thus eating food while being stressed, whether caused by big life stressors or simply because your phone is constantly beeping,  is not advisable.  Indigestion will follow which leads to a chain reaction leading to signs of hormones imbalance.

We also chat about the effect of gas (=flatulence) on bone health.

Two hormonal health equations (for the math geeks)

Equation 1: From indigestion to hormone imbalance 

  • Indigestion = poor assimilation
  • poor assimilation = toxins & poor quality tissue
  • poor quality tissue = cells become poor workers 
  • poor workers = create imbalance…incl. hormonal fluctuations.
  • In other words if you are not digesting your food well, the body will be fed poorly and also has to work harder to eliminate toxins. Low quality cells will be produced and the hormone system is not getting the quality nutrition it needs to function well.

Equation 2: from gas to osteoporosis

  • gas = more acidity in body
  • More acidity = leached minerals like calcium from bones
  • Leached minerals = weaker bones
  • Weaker bones = osteoporosis

Winslow’s gems:

  • avoid snacking in between meals
  • Limit liquid intake with food
  • Avoid carbonated drinks
  • Increase greens in the diet
  • Be at ease and relax when eating….go into a melted state of being

And YES, these simple changes can make a HUGE difference. Listen in if you want to know how that can be so.

What you get from tuning in: 

  • Understand the link between digestion, fight and flight response and the adrenals
  • What is happening in the gut from a Western medical perspective and how it affects hormone production
  • The role of probiotics and HCL in the gut
  • Vitamin C supplements
  • How digestion affects osteoporosis
  • The effects of carbonated drinks on digestion


Winslow is a certified health consultant in nutrition, a yoga instructor, a mountain guide, and an entrepreneur. She owns the mountain guide business ‘In The Company of Guides’ and the wellness business ‘Vibrant Health Evolution’.  Both of those provide a platform for people to step into their highest health, feel good and be good at the very core.  She is passionate about bringing adventure and play into this world.

Winslow Passey

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