How to travel in sanity: 7 epic tips from Ayurveda

Travelling can be uprooting and nerve wrecking for the most robust of us. With the holidays right around the corner you may find yourself in a car, airplane or, if you are amongst the nogaltics, in a train towards destination “loved ones”.

Having traveled extensively myself over the past 20 years I know how uncomfortable plane seats and gas station toilets can be. You may arrive feeling molded to the cushion you sat on for the past however many hours. Arriving exhausted, with an aching body and overstretched mind is the last thing you want when visiting auntie Sue and uncle Tom for Christmas (or Thanksgiving or any other important occasion).

From an Ayurvedic perspective travel is Vata aggravating which means the air and ether elements go all out of sorts. For your body that means constipation, headaches, hard stools, dry skin, dry eyes and whatever other ailments come with dehydration. And if that’s not enough, your nerves may be a wreck, you feel overwhelmed and anxious. You are way overstimulated.

Well, let’s say this: it doesn’t have to be like that if you put a few practices and strategies in place. And guess what, I am not even talking about extensive practices like meditation and such.(although that would be great). I am just talking about switching up a few things to make travels more easeful.

In this episode, I share with you my seven, most precious tips from Ayurveda that I have personally applied over the years.



What You get from tuning in:

  • The impact of travelling on your body and mind and what to do about it
  • The simple equation: Like increases like, opposites reduce each other and how we can use this formula to travel skillfully.
  • Seven precious travel tips from Ayurveda to keep your body grounded and mind calm
Travel increases the energy of Vata which is dry, light, mobile and cold. To counterbalance those qualities eat moist, heavy and warm foods. Think stews, soups and oatmeal. Ditch the pretzels and crackers, take the water instead.
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Hi, it’s me, Alexandra Epple. I decided to be on my own podcast this time. Just you and me. How cozy. After all, I have been travelling tons over the past 20 years and have a few things to say about simple yet profoundly impactful tips to keep your body grounded and mind calm while on the road.

I am all about you being empowered about your health. You can read all about me on the about page or get a detailed look at my full bio.

Alexandra Epple

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