Unravel your sexuality, clear what trips you up


Our sexuality, creativity, vital life force energy and the way we digest trauma are intrinsically interlinked. Krista Woroschuk and I shoot the breathe on how we can arrive in our bodies, unravel our sexuality and unleash our creative potential.

What you get from tuning in:

  • The link between trauma, vital life force energy and sexuality
  •    5 Strategies to drop into the body to release trauma and access your sexuality
  •    Debunking the myth about women becoming less sexually desirable after 40
  •    What is trauma and in which circumstances we are we most susceptible to it
  •    How holding on to stories prevents us from healing our emotions
  •    The relationship between emotions, sexuality and water element
  •    The women’s movement of marrying yourself

Favorite Quotes:

  • Until we die we are creative, sexual beings
  • Our vital life force energy is directly related to our sexuality
  • Radical self-acceptance and self-responsibility are crucial to embrace our sexuality
  • Trust is a choice
  • We create ourselves. We are the goddesses of our own temple.
  • The more courage we have to dive into the depth of our being, the more we will ascend

“If we change the way you look at things the things you look at change”
Wayne Dyer


Krista Dawn Woroschuk is an intuitive, embodiment and empowerment coach. She helps people make more space in their heart, body and soul to first know and then receive their desires and dreams. She also supports them in taking action towards fulfilling their dreams.

She is interested in deep connection with others, and looking into the deep parts of ourselves to see what delightful surprises we might find.

She helps others along their journey of discovery & celebration of who they are as unique individuals. Krista offers readings to discover your soul map, and sessions to clear your sexual & money blocks. www.kristadawn.org, Krista’s Facebook Page

Krista Dawn Woroschuk

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