Warming Fall Soup

All summer I was on this habitual eating pattern of blueberry-greens smoothie in the morning, salad with some kind of protein for lunch and a simple snack for dinner. Then one day about 3 or 4 weeks ago I woke up and thought:

It’s time for soups!

Just like that, from one day to the other. I knew fall had arrived.

You might have attuned to it yourself. I find that most of my clients are aware of fall and summer foods. But what I find folks are not so commonly aware is that we go through this period of confusion in between seasons. Is it a summer food day or a fall food day today? Should I eat salads and smoothies like summer or should I switch to soups and stews today?

For me, this confusion comes with a lack of interest in cooking. Nature messes up my routine by pressing the weather switch at random. One day it’s a smoothie day, another a soup and oatmeal day.

In my end of the world, which is California right now, the fall has truly arrived though and the random switch between fall and summer seems to have finally settled on fall. Time to pull out the fall recipes and get cooking. Away from raw, cold foods and into the warm, moist, nourishing food season. Good thing if you are anything like me…. I love eating.

Here is the recipe for a yummy Ginger-Carrot soup, one of my favorites.

It’s quick, simple, economical and tastes amazing.


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