What is Health? No really, what is it?

What is health. No really, what is it? We throw around the term all the time.

You probably wish for abundant health at major junctions in your live. At birthdays, new year, whenever someone asks you. But do you ever stop to think what it really means to be well and what it all entails?

Pause right now and think: What does health mean to YOU? What words would YOU choose to describe it.

The definition of health from the Western medicine perspective is “the absence of symptoms” or “the absence of disease”. Kind of a dry perspective if you ask me.

And the question arises what kind of symptoms we are talking about? Those symptoms that jump right at your face? Those that cause me so much pain, they are hard to ignore? And do we include those that are so subtle we hardly notice them? And what about symptoms in the mind? Are they included?

Many questions, I know. I attempt to answer them by outlining to you the 6 stages of disease as they are taught in Ayurveda. Knowing these six stages helped me a lot to place where I am at on my healing journey and what measures I needed to take to get me back to balance.

There are degrees or levels of feeling well. Have you noticed?

What you get from tuning in:

  • The definition of health from the Western medical perspective
  • The 6 stages of disease
  • What symptoms are related to each of the six stages
  • When to plug into those stagest to create health
  • How long it takes to reverse the disease process

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