What is Health? No really, what is it? ...part 3

Before you dive into this episode listen to What is health: part 1 and What is health: part 2.

Yahoo, we continue our conversation around What Is Health. Today, we talk all about the 5 layers of our being. Yep, that’s right we consist of five distinct layers not just one.

You have, of course heard about the body-mind-spirit approach. Dah, right? But what does that mean exactly?  It’s a bit of an aloof concept if you ask me. It sounds good, but without breaking it down to what it exactly is, it holds little juice. I will get practical with you about how to feed each of those layers.

You feed your physical body, don’t you? Think food, exercise, sleep. Maybe you get a massage once in a while. Well, the other 4 layers need to be fed too. But how do you do that? Listen in and find out. Because you need to feed each of  those layers abundantly to create the YOU that is alive, vibrant and irresistibly beautiful.

What you get from tuning in:

  • The 5 layers of our body
  • The food & medicine to keep your five layers healthy

The 5 Koshas:

  1. Anna Maya Kosha (physical body)
  2. Prana Maya Kosha (energetic body)
  3. Mano Maya Kosha (emotional body)
  4. Vijnana Maya Kosha (intellectual body)
  5. Ananada Maya Kosha (spirit body)

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