What to eat in summer according to Ayurveda
I don’t know about you but I have been completely melting in this summer heat. And the sun keeps feeling sharper every year, too. Yikes!!!

Being from Germany, my body just doesn’t operate well in the summer heat. Plus, I am a Pitta (aka fire type) by nature, am in Pitta phase of life and used to live in a cold climate before hanging out in California so my body wasn’t used to the heat. Plus … there is no air conditioning where I live.

Pitta constitution + Pitta phase of life + Pitta climate + pitta season = A LOT of Pitta (aka fire)

Luckily, I have learnt how to manage and cool myself down through wise Ayurvedic food and lifestyle choices. In fact, this summer is one of my best summers ever in terms of not feeling aggravated by the heat. I feel hot, but that’s about it. None of this excess anger, frustration and intensity that I used to feel. No heat signs on my skin in the  form of rashes, and no inflammation to speak of. That’s a score, I’d say!!!!

In this video, I share with you the best foods for summer so you can cool down your system too and feel at ease.

Best Foods for Summer

Much of summer is about hydration. We sweat a lot. Surprise, surprise. So we need to replenish the Rasa or waters in our body. That is best done with beverages that are cooling versus heating.

The main point you need to know is that each substance has a cooling or heating quality to it. You may know this for some foods. Cucumbers, for example, are well known for their cooling quality. That’s why they put cucumbers on your eyes during a deluxe spa treatment.  With the eyes being a fire organ, cooling cucumbers are just the right thing for them.


Lots of foods have a cooling quality and thus should be favored whenever the temps are hot outside.

  • My favorites are watermelon, fennel, coconut, peppermint, celery, cucumber, and aloe vera.
  • Then there is apples and avocados
  • Cumin, fennel and coriander are good spices for summer as they are only mildly warming.
  • Ghee and coconut oil are the best oils for summer
  • Favor any bitter food like swiss chard, kale, salad greens as they mainly have the bitter taste which is the coldest tastes of all.


I could go on and on. But best you

DOWNLOAD Summer grocery list so you have a reference point. Use it while making your food plan or take it to the grocery store and buy primarily from this list.

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