How to achieve work life balance

Work can take over. Life can take over, leaving little room for fun and relaxation. That is if we are not intentional about how we use time and implement strategies to direct our day.

Annie is the mother of 2, well-preneur, yoga health coach and someone who intentionally creates ease in her life. She walks her talk. We chat about key tools to become master of your time, get a S#%! load done and create more room for quiet and fun.

We usually think of time as a fixed entity. After all, there are only 24 hours in a day, 52 weeks in a year and 365 days. It’s fixed, right? Not really. When looked at time from a different angle we notice that time is expandable and contractible. Have you ever tried to sit still for 5 minutes, say trying to meditate, and those 5 minutes seemed like an eternity? Yet, if you used those same 5 minutes to get something “important” done those minutes would fly by?

We can  harness time by being intentional about how we use it. I like to think about the different areas of life like burners on a stove. There is a family burner, work burner, fun burner, chore burner, partner burner  and so on. On a daily, weekly and monthly basis I plan which burner I want to turn up.  I make a conscious choice. And by choosing I create ease. (And YES, you can do that too. You are not a slave to your work, husband, family, circumstances and whatever else you believe is in the way of feeling easeful).

Calm, ease and peace are not the end result of success or having achieved an empty to do list. Calm, ease and peace are the way.


What You get from tuning in:

  • What is work life balance? No, honestly. What is it really?
  • The concept of burners and allocating your time consciously
  • How to bookend your day to get a S#%!  load done AND have spare time
  • How to “play the accordion” of self care skillfully
  • How to manage your family to achieve work life balance
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Annie Barrett is an educator, yoga teacher and teacher trainer, a certified yoga health coach, spouse and mother of two amazing teens. She models and teaches folks how to thrive in body, mind and spirit, and how to live a purposeful and passionate life.

She has walked the householder path of yoga for 25 years, and has a true gift for making the wisdom teachings of yoga accessible and relevant to daily living. As a Certified Yoga Health Coach, she is trained and practiced in the daily habits and health principles of Ayurveda. She is all about coaching and guiding you into up-leveling your health and reaching your full potential with proven habits for vitality, health and happiness.

Her family divides their time between the evergreen forest on the edge of Olympia, WA and the Andes mountains of Pisac. Some of her favorite pastimes are: traveling, being outdoors, hiking, cooking, speaking Spanish and enjoying live music.


Annie Barrett

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Download your “Work Life Balance Wisdom sheet” to follow our conversation more easily

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