You, Trump and Activism

It is not my intention to get political on you. But I do care about your health and it is hard to ignore the effect the current political climate has on the health of so many people. The world is upside down, and more unsafe and uncertain than ever. A message that naturally would put anyone into a state of anxiety, worry and fear.

Some people are literally getting sick, emotionally and physically. Some get derailed from moving their own lives forward. Some feel angry, cynical, helpless, numb or immobilized. Others don’t know what to feel.

The good news is that many of us feel drawn to taking action. There is a sense of mobilization and transformation in the air even if right now it points toward breakdown rather than breakthrough.

Standing up for our rights is a good thing. No doubt about that. It lets our politicians know what we want and need. It is in movement and action that change happens. Yet it seems many people are struggling with their own emotions and thus find it hard to keep up the energy to take action. Others may have the energy but lack the clarity on exactly what kind of action to take. And yet others do take action yet they do so out of anger, fear or desperation rather than inspiration.

As already said, taking action, any kind of action pointing towards positvity, is a good thing. As long as we sit on the couch nothing is going to change. Yet, what would be even better is if those actions came from a clear, grounded and inspired place.

If you are drawn to contributing to a more just and compassionate country, it has to start with you. The more together and grounded you are, the more effective your message will be. You will have clarity around the kind of action you need to take, when to take it and what exactly the message is that you want to spread.

Like Gandhi said, and I paraphrase: If you want to see change you have to  be the change you wish to see in the world. Change has to start with you, only then can you inspire others. If you want to be part of the peaceful resistance you have to cultivate strength, groundedness and clarity within yourself first.


Anxiety, apathy, fear, anger… and whatever other troublesome emotion you might be dealing with, are all on a low vibratory level. Dr. David Hawkins in his book Power versus Force, outlines the different vibratory levels of emotions.

See how fear, apathy, anger and pride are below the 200 mark. 200 is where vibration shifts from negative to positive. Taking action from a place that is below 200 is not a good idea. Like Trump would say: “Not good folks, not good”.

It is up to you to make a solid shift to a place above 200, into a place of love, joy and peace. Taking action from such a place is incredibly powerful and effective in a soft yet strong kind of way. The news will no longer derail you, you won’t get confused about the mind f%$# Trump puts out and you will stay strong and centered to take action.


To make it even clearer let me say it differently:

In order to be an effective sociopolitical activist you have to become a body activist first.

A body activist is someone who knows how to skillfully care for his/her body and by doing so inspires others to do the same. This includes not only the physical, but mental, emotional and spiritual body as well.

Why do you need to be a body activist?

Well, there are a few reasons:

  1. Health, Energy, Love: When you are your own body activist you create health on all levels. Your physical body will be strong, you will have plenty of energy and your emotions will be solid instead of wild. It will be much easier to stay calm, peaceful and loving even if the world around you isn’t.
  2. Safety: Taking care of yourself first will make you feel safe.
  3. Clarity: It will bring tons of clarity, beyond what you think possible. When you are deeply connected to your body you know what you need to do, when you need to do it and where. There is no question, you just know. Your actions will come from a place of divine guidance.

How do you know you are a skillful body activist?

You may be thinking your are already an accomplished body activist. Well let’s check.

Body activists not only KNOW how to take care of themselves but they actually DO it. Body activism like the name suggests has to do with taking action, in this case directed towards the health of ones’ own body.  You know you are a skillful body activist if you  ….

  • feed yourself properly and you have plenty of energy
  • live with the rhythms of nature which naturally gives you clarity and ease
  • Follow a proper self care routine that keeps you grounded and centered
  • Do practices that nourish you
  • Know how to be with your emotions gone wild and turn them into positivity
  • Know how to direct the mind towards peace, calm and love
  • Are deeply connected to your purpose and you let your actions flow from that place

I have spent the past 15 years becoming a body activist. It has been my life to go to yoga teacher trainings, bodywork classes, Ayurveda school, Astrology programs and spiritual gatherings.


It blows my mind how much we can all expand, get more deeply connected and allow ourselves to BE the vehicle of change instead of forcing it.

Body activism is my way of contributing to social change. I help you get more deeply connected to your body so in turn you can be the kind of activist you want to be. It’s time to care for your body and take charge of your life. It’s time to make meaningful change. It is NOW, not tomorrow or they day after, that you, your family, your community, your country needs you. You have a body to create and and a mission to live.

Let’s talk. It’s time.


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